Retrofit eCall

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Retrofit eCall

Our Retrofit eCall Plug is a smart sensor device designed for collision detection of passenger vehicles. The device can be easily retrofitted to any type of car. Drivers just plug it into the standard 12V DC socket and download an app to their smartphone. The eCall plug significantly increases the security of the driver and helps to accelerate road side assistance and rescue.

The collision detection function utilizes acceleration sensors in combination with intelligent embedded algorithms. Only if the acceleration impacts are strong enough will the Retrofit eCall send information to a smartphone app via Bluetooth.

Interested? Get in contact with your insurance and ask for the device.

Also take a look at our eCall video

  • Benefits



    • Retrofit eCall significantly increases the security of the driver and helps to accelerate road side assistance and rescue
    • Easy and fast installation: do it yourself!
    • Assistance in case of accident or vehicle break down
    • No extra communication cost due to use of existing smartphone cellular service
    • Reduction of false alarms as the driver’s smartphone is part of the notification chain, therefore the driver can typically be called back for confirmation

    Business Customers

    • More frequent customer contacts and improved customer relationship
    • Direct customers to contracted workshops
    • Reduction of fraud risk for insurances
    • Low investment for device enables fast penetration of customer base
    • Scalable solution (app only → complete telematics offering)
    • Enables differentiation & new business models
    • Generation of additional business with device sales
    • Increase or generate towing and repair business
  • Sensors and functions

    Sensors and functions

    • Crash detection with 3-axis acceleration sensor and intelligent embedded algorithm
    • Determination of collision severity
    • App can enrich crash data e.g. with car position, driving direction,…
    • Bluetooth Low Energy V.4.0 compatible with BT V2.1
    • 12V DC/DC converter: USB-port to charge external devices with standard 12V car socket
    • Green Status LED
    • Small size: 34mm x 34mm x 63mm

  • Media

    You can find more technical information in the datasheet

    Also take a look at our eCall video