Cross Domain Development Kit - XDK 110

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The XDK is a fully integrated Cross Domain Development Kit consisting of both hardware and software and includes the following MEMS devices: accelerometer,magnetometer and gyroscope in addition to humidity,pressure, temperature, acoustic and digital light sensors.The XDK also includes a microcontroller, integrated antennas, a micro SD card slot and a rechargeable battery. Multiple wireless technologies ensure connectivity and access to the Internet. The included software development environment and operating system offer access to different API* layers, which allow the user to program at their preferred depth. Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions supports IoT concepts with global engineering and manufacturing expertise and assists customers in moving from prototype to series production.

Additional features

Concept Validation: XDK enables professional users and software developers to immediately start an IoT demo or a proof of concept project.

Information exchange

The purchase of an XDK includes access to an online community that serves as a platform for users to share their knowledge, to get technical support as well as to take part in events.


  • All in one sensor platform: hardware, software, community
  • Enables a faster and seamless path from prototype development to series development
  • Simple to use
  • Small form factor
  • Functional extendability
  • Online technical support

Get more information on the official XDK Website