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Transport Data Logger - TDL 110

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Transparency for your Supply Chain.

The logistics sector is booming. Every day, billions of packages are being shipped worldwide. Information processing gets faster and faster, and delivery times need to be as short as possible.

Of course various damages happen in transit. Involved parties are searching for a high degree of transparency to get information on the reason and cause of damage.

For this purpose we developed a tailored solution which solves these problems and more: the Transport Data Logger (TDL).



By being attached to the shipment and measuring and recording relevant parameters such as temperature, humidity, tilt, and shock, the TDL makes the delivery process of goods visible and traceable.

These measurements are then documented and visualized through a mobile application. Since the limits of each parameter can be individually configured, any transgression of these limits is traceable and clearly assignable to the stations throughout the entire supply chain.


Your Benefits with the TDL

  • Cost-effective, simple, all-purpose and reliable way to bring transparency to the entire supply chain, with the usual exceptional Bosch quality.
  • The TDL gives the initiator of a delivery peace of mind. In the event that a parameter threshold is exceeded, the TDL provides verifiable proof and a reliable indication for possible primary and secondary damage.
  • Individual configurability, ease of use and integration with little effort and without prior knowledge of the processes of a logistics chain.
  • The TDL provides an added value for every logistical effort. It creates trust between partners and provides important data for the optimization of logistics processes. If there is no parameter violation, the TDL is the evidence of a failure-free transport chain.




New features and blinking patterns – TDL App V1.2.4.

  • Always visible: Be able to access the TDL data in any conditions, even when TDL is not accessible.
  • Find me: Easy to identify the connected Transport Data Logger, when several TDLs are in advertisement.
  • Blinking patterns
  • New interface in settings
  • New! TDL Cloud Beta

    One Pager: What is TDL Cloud Beta?

    TDL Cloud Beta is the easy to use portal to read out and interpret your data. Click here and open our One Pager.

    Get linked to the portal, now!

    Start with our new solution and make your life easier. Please note: the TDL Cloud is a beta version which is constantly in improvement process.

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    Our Product Manager explains the main functions

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Now it's time to get your own Transport Data Logger!


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Our certified partner TCI Transport Control International GmbH has a webshop where you can order our Transport Data Logger with just a few clicks. Start now!




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