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Transport Data Logger - TDL 110

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Transport Data Logger

By being attached to the shipment and measuring and recording relevant parameters such as temperature, humidity, tilt, and shock, the TDL makes the delivery process of goods visible and traceable. These measurements are then documented and visualized through a mobile application. Since the limits of each parameter can be individually configured, any transgression of these limits is traceable and clearly assignable to the stations throughout the entire supply chain.

  • TDL Cloud Beta

    Simplify & structure your data with ease!

    The TDL Cloud Beta is the easy to use portal to read out and interpret your data. We provide you a clear way to structure your measurements in order to save time and costs. Get started with our new solution and make your life easier. Please note: the TDL Cloud is a beta version which is constantly in improvement process.

    Go to TDL Cloud Beta

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