Connected Mobility

More comfort and safety on the road.


Connected Mobility

Imagine driving into a city and finding a free parking lot without searching at all. Our active parking lot management recognizes which parking spaces are free and reports their exact location to drivers via a smartphone app. On top of that, our new eCall plug improves safety throughout your journey. The smartsensor device is designed for crash detection of passenger vehicles and can be retrofitted to any type ofcar. Drivers can just plug it into the standard 12V socket and download an app to their smartphones.

Application Examples

Smart Parking: Intelligent sensor devices monitor and communicate parking space availability in cities.

Accident detection: Sensors watching out for unusual events enable rapid assistance


- Detection and reporting of parking space occupancy

- Usage for on-street and off-street parking

- Enables new parking features such as search, navigation and reservation

- Fast emergency services in the event of an accident

- Easy and fast installation

- Valuable information for insurance companies and owners