Industry 4.0 & Logistics

Efficiency, productivity and control every step of the way.


Industry 4.0 & Logistics

Wirelessly connected production is the way of the future. It enables machines to monitor and optimize themselves and production systems to follow instructions given by the products that they are manufacturing.Small batches can be manufactured cost-effectively and with optimal capacity utilization. In addition, we supply you with logistics processes that monitor themselves. Integrated sensors make it possible to track the location, flow, and condition of goods and vehicles at all times. Bosch develops and uses end-to-end-solutions and powerful devices that enable such efficient processes. This way, we are transforming from a lead user to a lead provider.

Application examples

Condition monitoring: Continuous monitoring of machines’ relevant state parameters to optimize efficiency, uptime and utilization.

Predictive maintenance: Proper monitoring of operating conditions is essential for optimizing maintenance.Planned downtimes significantly increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE), and make production planning more flexible.

Logistics: Smart sensor devices monitor goods across the supply chain. The increase in transparency results in a reduction of transport damages and an improvement in quality.


- Reduced maintenance cost

- Increased overall equipment efficiency

- Easy-to-use “plug & play” solution

- Optimized planning of maintenance process

- One-stop solution including software and services

- Optimized logistics processes

- Transparent monitoring of goods