Connected Actuators

Switch, control & automate

Connected actuator modules and devices complement our sensor portfolio.


Connected Actuators

As a leading supplier of power semiconductors and power electronics we provide connected actuator modules and devices. Bosch's expertise ranges from drive or lighting controls to complex energy & building automation systems. Possible product functionalities are to be found in switching, moving of mechanical elements, opening and closing of valves or in changing environmental parameters.

Bosch sensors monitor the physical environment of your product or system and transfer this information into the virtual world. Actuators transmit the electrical signals into action in the physical world.

Selected actuator functions:

  • Rotation in motors
  • Control of heating and cooling
  • Adjustment of lighting
  • Change in humidity level
  • Generation of audible signals

Our cost-efficient, highly miniaturized actuator modules are easily integrated into your existing products. In addition we offer stand-alone devices, that can be customized to your system or solution requirements.