Connected Industrial Sensor Solution - CISS

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Improving your Utilization and Processes

Increase your manufacturing efficiency by monitoring your machines, processes and environmental conditions. The Connected Industrial Sensor Solution (CISS) is a compact multi-sensor device for harsh environments. Machine condition tracking enables predictive and remote maintenance to save costs. With CISS production yields can be optimized via live process monitoring. Due to its motion and environmental sensing abilities the CISS is ideally suited for Industry 4.0 applications.


What is CISS?


Your Benefits

  • CISS ENABLES IoT applications in rough environments with a compact and robust multi-sensor device. The housing is industrial and automotive proof and already installed a million times worldwide.
  • CISS SAVES money by delivering crucial data for optimization of maintenance processes.
  • CISS ALLOWS deployment of a wide range of IoT applications, e.g. condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • CISS SUPPLIES data by Data-logger/Data-streamer which can be configured to project requirements.
  • CISS CREATES a valuable additional multi-sensor context to machine data. This often gives access to significant productivity enhancement.
  • CISS INTEGRATES easily to a range of hardware agnostic gateways & clouds.
  • CISS CONNECTS existing machines without intervening to the machine control.
  • CISS VISUALIZES live and historic data over the CISS app and optionally over cloud.



  • CISS will be delivered with a 2 meter USB cable and an app (iOS/Android) for parameterizing, configuring and simplified data visualization
  • Communication possibilities over USB, Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple crucial parameters, such as temperature, humidity, vibration and shock
  • High enclosure protection (up to IP67) designed for harsh environment and easy mounting concept


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