Retrofit eCall

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The Fast Lane for your Emergency Doctor

Retrofit eCall gives you peace of mind every time you or your loved ones get behind the wheel. You can be at ease while your young daughter or son enjoys their first driving experiences. Relax and concentrate on your every-day activities while your partner is on the road with your kids. Trust that they can get help when they need it - right away and professionally. Think about your senior mother and father. If anything happens on the road they will receive assistance on the spot.


How it works

The device can be easily retrofitted to any type of car. Drivers just plug it into the standard 12V DC socket and download an app to their smartphone. The eCall plug significantly increases the security of the driver and helps to accelerate road side assistance and rescue.

The collision detection function utilizes acceleration sensors in combination with intelligent embedded algorithms. Only if the acceleration impacts are strong enough will the Retrofit eCall send information to a smartphone app via Bluetooth.



Benefits for End-Users

  • Make sure you and your loved ones get immediate help in an accident
  • Be at ease while your young daughter or son enjoy their first driving experiences
  • Think about your elderly parents: if anything happens on the road they will directly receive assistance
  • Security measures ensure your data is private and your car cannot be hacked or controlled externally


Benefits for Business Customers

  • Recipient of the eCall to be the first to take action after a collision event or crash
  • More frequent customer contacts and improved customer relationship
  • Guide customers to contracted workshops
  • Low investment for device enables fast penetration of consumer base
  • Reduction of fraud risk for insurances
  • Enables differentiation & new business models
  • Increase or generate towing and repair business

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    Retrofit eCall in German TV station VOX

    Watch how the Retrofit eCall turns out to be a guardian angel in a critical accident.

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