Cross Domain Development Kit - XDK

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The programmable sensor device & prototyping platform for your IoT use cases!

You have a great idea for an IoT application and want to quickly and professionally prototype it? Show the world by using the XDK to realize your first prototype quickly!

XDK has evolved continuously and is not only a prototyping platform but also a sensor node solution.

Make use of the power to monitor, control and analyze your product remotely over Bluetooth or Wireless Network. In this way, devices, products or machines become connective and smarter. XDK is now released for 24/7 usage giving you the freedom to use it either for short-term proof of concepts or long-term projects. Inclusive of multiple Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) sensors, various parameters for condition monitoring or predictive maintenance get recorded.


What is XDK?



Why to choose XDK?

  • XDK was designed with the user in mind, enabling one to press power and immediately begin building. Therefore, an operating system, based on FreeRTOS, is already on the XDK and ready to go.
  • The XDK Workbench is your tool to start building your project with the XDK right away. It’s easy to install and automatically updates itself.
  • Enjoy an all in one sensor platform including hardware, software and community that serves as a platform for users to share knowledge and get technical support.
  • Due to its nice housing with included battery in a small form factor it can be retrofitted to objects of any size!
  • Easily connect devices or machines via USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and enjoy 24/7 access to data.


It's your choice: prototyping platform or sensor node?


Go for a rapid prototyping kit (XDK110) or a professional bundle (XDK Node) in a package of 10.



The XDK110 device allows users an easy transition from prototype to mass production by providing a clear road to product development.

Included in Delivery:

  • Cross Domain Development Kit
  • “XDK Gateway” extension board for easy access to additional MCU functionality
  • 10 cm connector cable
  • Micro USB 2.0 connector cable
  • Mounting plate and screws


XDK Node


The XDK Node – Professional Bundle includes 10 pieces of XDK110 devices with an optimized scope of delivery which enables a cost effective deployment for larger projects and simplifies the installation.

Included in Delivery:

  • Bundle of 10 XDK110 devices (without “XDK Gateway” and without 10 cm connector cable)
  • 10 Micro USB 2.0 connector cables
  • 10 Mounting plates (all devices are already mounted) and screws


Visit the XDK Website!