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We create award-winning connected sensor devices that help clients to skyrocket their IoT business.

Our core competencies for IoT

IoT device expertise

Our core competence is the interaction of sensor technology, connectivity, energy consumption and intelligence in the sensor device.

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Customer-oriented IoT project development

We bring your IoT idea to life - fast, straightforward and with years of expertise.

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Global partnership

Our global presence means we are close wherever you are. We have sold over one million IoT devices and know how to scale.

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With the Telematics Plug from Bosch you get quick help in an emergency

Connected Mobility

Drive #LikeABosch

Telematics Plug | TEP

Designed for crash detection and the analysis of driving behavior. The TEP delivers precise driving event data for telematics, fleets or insurance applications. In case of emergency, a potential lifesaver.

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Parking Lot Sensor | PLS

The PLS detects and reports parking space occupancy, thus enabling active parking lot management features, such as search, navigation and reservation. Bring your traffic concept to the next level.

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Upgrade your machines with Bosch sensors and increase efficiency.

Industry 4.0

Manufacture #LikeABosch

Sense Connect Detect | SCD

Industry 4.0 out of the box. As a cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-install solution, the sensor device attaches to almost any machine and component.

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Connected Industrial Sensor Solution | CISS

The Tough and flexible all-rounder: a compact multi-sensor device for harsh industrial environments.

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Intelligent Vibration Analysis Sensor | IVAS

The specialist: your device for high bandwidth and high-resolution vibration measurements in harsh industrial environments and mobile applications.

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With Traci you always have your assets in view. The search for parts, vehicles or machines is now a thing of the past.

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Track goods with the Bosch Transport Data Logger and easily identify damage with sensors

Connected Logistics

Track #LikeABosch

Transport Data Logger | TDL110

While attached to your shipment, the TDL110 senses and records relevant temperature, humidity, tilt, and shock events. Through our 360-degree-approach, your supply chain and transport processes become smarter.

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Transport Data Logger Freight Guard | TDL140

TDL140 is the solution for bringing real-time transparency into your whole supply chain. To detect concealed damages or misdirected shipments, internal sensors enable a 24/7 condition monitoring for critical shipments.

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XDK Live
Show the world your great idea for an IoT solution by using the Bosch XDK. This quick and professional prototyping platform has evolved continuously.

Cross Domain

IoT #LikeABosch

Cross Domain Development Kit | XDK

Your swiss army knife for IoT. The all-in-one sensor-based device for the realization of all IoT use cases or proof of concepts.

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XDK LoRa Extension

Exchange your data up to a range of 40km and make use of Firmare Updates Over-The-Air, which is a key distinction to similar technologies.

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XDK Shop Floor Starter Kit

The Industry 4.0 Starter Kit contains all necessary hardware and software components to realize five typical industry use cases.

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XDKPDP Software App

News and events straight from the IoT world

When is the next virtual IoT event? At which trade shows do we present our industry 4.0 and Connected Mobility products? You can find out here.

Bosch's automatic compressed air leak detection reduces cost and emissions

Bosch's automatic compressed air leak detection reduces cost and emissions


With this solution, factory personnel can get transparency into machine operations and can react immediately if maintenance is required.

IoT made easy with Bosch

IIoT holds huge potential for customers


"With the right tools to hand, manufacturers can optimize quality and create smart manufacturing solutions that support business agility", says our Head of Marketing & Sales Klaus Peter Wagner.

Quick start to IoT Bosch Industry Solutions from Bosch

Implementing IoT projects and condition monitoring quickly and easily


This webinar is an introduction to the topic of Condition Monitoring and is recommended for anyone who wants to get an overview. Watch the recording now for free and without registration.

We bring your IoT idea into series production #LikeABosch

Take advantage of Bosch expertise in the field of sensors, radar, connectivity or wireless communication technology.

100% Bosch quality and expertise

Rely on our long-standing and remarkable connectivity expertise, and competency in electronics and micro-electro mechanical sensors (MEMS).

We guide you with our experience agile through your IoT project

Why choose the basic variant when it can also be tailor-made?

Explore our proven strategy to develop customized sensor-based IoT products.

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