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Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions

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Successful sensor solutions

Check out our customer projects you can already find on the market and get to know their backstory. Where's yours?

The scalable IoT device for driver safety

close-up shot of the telematics e-call plug in a car

In cooperation with the German Insurance Association (GDV) and IBM, we have created the retrofittable eCall Service. It serves as smart sensor device designed for crash detection and severity, while the GDV provides the eCall infrastructure and service agents. Additionally, an app is provided by IBM to connect the eCall plug with the reporting service. In the case of an accident, the eCall functionality sends information to a smartphone app via Bluetooth®. Drivers’ then receive immediate help in shape of an emergency call initiated by a call center agent who received GPS data for emergency services.

The most important milestone was the German market product launch on April 4, 2016. More than 500.000 eCall plugs have been delivered. The insurance companies are now selling the service. For insurance companies, this service and product encourage a closer relationship with their customers. The European commission has passed a law requiring all new car models in Europe to be equipped with an automated eCall system starting April 2018.

Now, in November 2017, more than one year after launch, we look back upon a strong relationship with GDV.

The future of food processing

food processing machine buehler

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions has joined forces with Bühler, a food processing technology expert. Our agreement was to expand upon already initiated common research and development efforts. Through this collaboration, our know-how in electronics, sensor technology, and software related to industrial IoT has been successfully incorporated.

We have jointly managed to integrate state-of-the-art sensor technology into cutting-edge food production technology: Individual rolls in rotary presses were equipped with wireless sensors measuring temperature and vibration during the manufacturing process. In turn, this allows for monitoring and optimization of the final product through better settings of the rolls. Operators benefit from predictive maintenance, reduced downtime and less operating costs.

First applications resulting from this collaboration will be launched in 2018.

Sensor competence for eBikes

bosch eBike

In close cooperation with Bosch eBike Systems, we have implemented a smart prototype for developing, testing and improving connectivity functions for eBikes. Additional benefits are convenience features created from integrated sensors and smart algorithms.

The resulting platform is prepared to allow the interaction between user and eBike. It communicates via Bluetooth® and cellular signal. These are protected by state-of-the-art security functions that take modern communication devices into account. Single user functionality and fleet-management requirements were part of the development process.

Future functions will be based on the results of this development project.