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woman working with Bosch consultant on developing an XDK fpr her project

Turning amazing ideas into practice

We offer customized project development consulting that will bring your IoT idea to life.

Step by step to success

This is how we implement your next IoT project: fast and modern by using agile Scrum Methodology

XDK Cross Development Kit shown as a Swiss Army Knife

You want to take off right away?

We have the right tool for it. The Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK) is your swiss army knife for IoT. The XDK is an all-in-one sensor-based device for the realization of all IoT use cases or proof of concepts. It enables time and cost-effective prototyping. Get a small product with large impact: Within its compact 60*40*22 mm³ housing, the XDK offers 8 sensor parameters, connects via Bluetooth and Wifi, and harbors a microcontroller and battery.

4 elements for successful IoT project implementation


High speed

Flexibility and speed is key to success in IoT. We highly respect your wishes and build a rapid prototype with our "Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - approach".


From coarse to fine: we accompany you throughout the entire Requirement Engineering Process.

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Expert knowledge

Trust in our Bosch expertise with up to one million IoT products already on the market.

Industrialization services

We offer individual options for series engineering and mass production to bring your product to life.

Why there is no way around using connected devices

The potential of using sensor-based devices to measure and analyze data is unlimited. Together with you we build a customized solution depending on your personal needs. Your benefits?

Increase your Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

Using smart connected sensor devices for condition monitoring will increase efficiency, safety, and save you money. The potential is endless.

Access to downtime data improves your competitiveness and is a must-have in today's industrial environment. Don't miss the chance and start monitoring your processes now.

Improve your quality

By monitoring your machine performance you can find malfunctions. By fixing these errors you can increase your output and the quality of your products.

Reduce tolerance fluctuations in the production process to reduce scrap and improve product quality. In this way you can strenghten your market position enormously.

Be one step ahead

  • Get an impression of the inner workings of your machine. With the sensor information you can determine what issues your machine may face and solve them.
  • Be faster than your competitors and transfer your new knowledge to further business sectors.
  • Build a knowledge base about your equipment and processes.

Portrait of CEO Marco Lammer

We combine the spirit of a start-up with the engineering backbone of a global player. Our goal is to deliver the best IoT devices in the world.

Marco Lammer | CEO Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions

We are proud of these customer projects

IoT use case example with the Telematics Plug

Telematics Plug

The scalable IoT device for driver safety

In cooperation with the German Insurance Association (GDV) and IBM, we have created the retrofittable eCall Service. It serves as smart sensor device designed for crash detection and severity, while the GDV provides the eCall infrastructure and service agents. Additionally, an app is provided by IBM to connect the Telematics Plug with the reporting service. In the case of an accident, the Telematics Plug sends information to a smartphone app via Bluetooth®. Drivers’ then receive immediate help in shape of an emergency call initiated by a call center agent who received GPS data for emergency services.

More than 700.000 devices have been delivered. The insurance companies are now selling the service. For insurance companies, this service and product encourage a closer relationship with their customers.

IoT use case example for food processing industry

Connected Roll Sensor Solutions

The future of food processing

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions has joined forces with Bühler, a food processing technology expert. Our agreement was to expand upon already initiated common research and development efforts. Through this collaboration, our know-how in electronics, sensor technology, and software related to industrial IoT has been successfully incorporated.

We have jointly managed to integrate state-of-the-art sensor technology into cutting-edge food production technology: Individual rolls in rotary presses were equipped with wireless sensors measuring temperature and vibration during the manufacturing process. In turn, this allows for monitoring and optimization of the final product through better settings of the rolls. Operators benefit from predictive maintenance, reduced downtime and less operating costs.

IoT use case example with Bosch sensor for eBike systems

Bike Sensor

Sensor competence for eBikes

In close cooperation with Bosch eBike Systems, we have implemented a smart prototype for developing, testing and improving connectivity functions for eBikes. Additional benefits are convenience features created from integrated sensors and smart algorithms.

The resulting platform is prepared to allow the interaction between user and eBike. It communicates via Bluetooth® and cellular signal. These are protected by state-of-the-art security functions that take modern communication devices into account. Single user functionality and fleet-management requirements were part of the development process.

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