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What’s the purpose of the PIN and when do I need it?

At the time of delivery, there is no PIN assigned to the TDL 110. You are asked to set a PIN during the initial configuration. You need this PIN every time you want to change the settings and stop logging. Without the PIN you are only able to start logging and read data.

Notice: You cannot configure the TDL 110 without a valid PIN. It is impossible to reset the PIN; not even at the factory. Always make a note of the PIN and store it in a safe place.

What happens if the PIN is entered incorrectly several times?

After three failed attempts to enter the PIN, you must wait a specific time until you can try again. The waiting period for entering the PIN is extended with an increasing number of unsuccessful attempts.

Do I have to set thresholds for all parameters?

You need to configure at least one parameter. Non-configured parameters will be shown as inactive (grayed out).

What is the interpretation of the thresholds?

Thresholds are the last set valid values. A violation occurs as soon as these values are exceeded.

Is it possible to transfer the logged data of the TDL to a laptop?

Yes, after the downloading process in the app succeeded, the data can be sent via email to any mail account.

Is there an easy way to assign the same thresholds to several TDLs?

Yes, you have two possibilities. You can either set the thresholds for each TDL separately or you can create a pre-set, set the thresholds once and use it for several TDLs.

In which time zone does the TDL 110 synchronize the data if the time zone changes during the transport? (For example: You start transport in Europe and end in the US).

The data will be stored with the timestamp “GMT”.

That means that data of shipments from Europe, dated 1 November 2017, 11:46 (GMT+01), will read 2 November 2017, 13:02 (GMT-06) in the US.

Is there a possibility to access the data of the TDL 110 after downloading without an active Bluetooth connection?

Yes, you can access all downloaded data in the log files menu.

Is there a possibility to create an excel file from the recorded data of the TDL 110?

Yes, it is possible to send the recorded data from the TDL via csv file to an e-mail address. Afterwards, an Excel file can be generated from the csv file.

Is it possible to connect with the device without pushing the button on the TDL?

Yes, it is. You have to turn on the always advertising mode in the TDL app to activate the function.

Which phones are compatible with the TDL 110 App?

The app runs on iOS version 9 or higher and Android version 5 or higher. Due to Android segmentation in BLE implementations, we recommend the use of iOS for better results:

iOS based devices:

  • iPhone 5 with iOS 9.X
  • iPhone 5 with iOS 10.3.3
  • iPhone 6 with iOS 11.0.3
  • iPhone 6 with iOS 11.x.x (latest version)
  • iPhone 8 with IOS 11.x.x (latest version)

Android based devices:

  • LG G3 with Android 5.0
  • LG G3 with Android 6.0
  • Dogee Mix with Android 7.0
  • Huawei Mate 8 with Android 6.0
  • Huawei Mate 8 with Android 7.0
  • Xiaomi Mi5 with Android 6.0
  • Xiaomi RedMi Note 4 wit Android 7.0
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 7.0

FAQ Device

What is the battery lifetime of my TDL110?

It depends on the usage and the operating condtions. With an average usage behavior, that assumes a measuring cycle of 10 min and a temperature of +25°C. The battery lifetime is up to 2 years.

Does TDL 110 have any certifications?

The TDL110 is certified for operation in the following markets: European Union, USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand. Use of the TDL110 is subject to validation and observation of local legal regulation by the customer.

For information on other certifications – which may gradually be issued over time - please, contact our TDL support at support@bosch-connectivity.com.

Which sensors are included?

TDL 110 includes three Micro-Electromechanical sensors (MEMS): Accelerometer, Temperature sensor, and Humidity sensor. These sensors are able to measure temperature, humidity, tilt, and shock. Furthermore, you can find more detailed information on the TDL’s datasheet.

What happens with the data if the battery doesn`t work anymore?

The data is still available and safely stored in memory. After changing the battery, you will regain access to your data.

Notice: With a change of battery logging will stop and after changing it is required to configure the TDL 110 again.

Can the memory of the device be reset after a trip, so that it is possible to have enough memory capacity for the next trip?

After a trip it is possible to reset the memory, so you have enough memory capacity for the next trip.

Are there any regulations or restrictions related to the transport of the TDL 110 by airway?

All kinds of transport conditions are subject to the regulations of the respective country or carrier. Specific information is provided by the carriers or airlines.

Will there be any signal interferences when TDL 110 is used in airfreight?

The TDL only emits RF signals in the classic mode and if it has been activated by manually pressing the button.

What kind of battery is being used in TDL 110?

TDL 110 uses CR123A type of batteries. The battery contains less than 2g lithium. The battery does meet the requirements in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, Subsection 38.3.

Are there any transport regulations or restrictions for the TDL 110 regarding the lithium battery?

Bosch delivers the TDL containing the original lithium metal battery. The number of devices depends on the packaging instructions for lithium batteries valid for the respective country. When lithium metal batteries are enclosed in a shipment or in equipment these must be classified as UN 3091. For other batteries, the customer is obliged to check compliance with the regulations for the transport of lithium batteries.

Questions concerning export of the TDL

1. What is the HS (Harmonized System)-Code/ statistical commodity code?

  • 90318080

2. Is the TDL a controlled product under Foreign and Economic Law (Dual-Use)?

  • No

3. Is the TDL a subject of US (re) export control e.g. ITAR, ECCN, EAR99?

  • Yes, it is a subject of EAR99 export control

Which technology is used for the TDL 110 to communicate?

The communication between the Transport Data Logger and the smartphone is based on Bluetooth low energy. This allows a comfortable and on-site data exchange for immediate feedback of the state of the shipment.

Will I be able to track my shipments live with the TDL 110?

No, the TDL 110 has no GPS or mobile network. Accordingly, the TDL 110 logs the data instead of processing it in real time.

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