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1. We offer a high availability and cost efficiency for your IoT product

With over 7 billion MEMS sensors sold since 1993, Bosch is the market leader in manufacturing sensors for automotive systems and consumer devices. Our broad sensor portfolio includes small, low-power inertial and environmental sensors. We offer high-volume availability and cost-efficiency for your specific request.

As of now, Bosch manufactures 4 million sensors a day. Since MEMS sensors are one of the key technologies in digitalization, we have a head start in the race in the world of IoT.


2. Use energy-efficient IoT devices with smart algorithms

IoT products are usually battery-powered and should last for years with a single battery. Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions has the competence to select the right components (systems engineering) to make the battery of your Internet of Things products last. Smart algorithms are the key software component to determine the operation strategy of the device and hence the possible duty cycle. These algorithms are responsible for converting raw sensor signals into relevant events.

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3. We care for the right cloud connectivity model

Make use of different cloud connectivity models and API designs. Three choices on the backend are open to you:

• An existing, cloud-based backend with third-party interfaces.

• A third-party backend, developed parallel to device development.

• A backend developed by ourselves allowing us to develop the device and backend solution in conjunction (e.g. TDL with TDL backend).

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4. We make your IoT devices secure

Security is claimed to be one of the most challenging topics in IoT. And we took it! We focus on state-of-the-art security technologies and risk-appropriate implementation. This is how we protect data and services against unauthorized access or misuse. We prove our concepts by objective penetration tests so that you are on the safe side.

Secure firmware updates over the air are standard procedures on a hardware level, too.

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5. Depending on your needs we find the suitable communication technology for you

You can benefit from our holistic know-how in the fields of communication and wireless connectivity. This covers all common cellular radio standards and technologies like Bluetooth®, WiFi (IEEE802.11.x), LoRa and Sigfox.

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions offers star and mesh communication network topologies, and tailors them perfectly to your application. Depending on the needs we find the suitable communication technology for you.

Parking sensor placed on a parking lot

6. Benefit from our Long Range Wide Area Network expertise

Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) is a wireless communication technology, enabling low power, long range (up to 10 km), bi-directional, and secure communication. Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions is a member of the LoRa Alliance, an open, non-profit association of members, who believe that the Internet of Things era is right now. Benefit from our expertise in the development of LoRa devices. Not only that, but our system knowledge also includes a gateway, and the LoRa network manager.

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7. A platform-oriented development that saves time

With our efficient platform concept, we make functionality ready for re-use when introducing it in your project. For software developers, it's easy to adapt to different hardware requirements. This accelerates your product development cycle and makes your life easier.

The platform-based approach enables a broad variety of cross domain applications.

Due to the modular software, complexity can be reduced and processes run in parallel. We focus on guaranteed product quality with common guidelines and a staged testing approach.

Person looking at a sensor device named 'XDK'

8. Ingenuity in radio frequency & tailored custumer support

Due to our long-term experience in radio frequency design, we can offer you high-performance yet cost-efficient solutions with optimized time until launch. In addition, we offer complete support throughout the entire development cycle: Your products are verified by us at an early stage through electromagnetic simulations and 3D measurements to tailor them to your specific needs. We strongly support you in terms of worldwide frequency regulation and standardization.