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Transport Data Logger


TDL Datasheet

TDL Quick Start Guide

Open the TDL Operating Instructions

TDL Operating Instructions


TDL Cloud Beta


TDL 3rd Party Software


TDL Declaration of Conformity

download TDL Battery - Material Safety Data Sheet

TDL Battery - Material Safety Data Sheet

Download App

App Store: Transport Data Logger

Download App

Google Play: TDL

Download TDL Distributor Kit

TDL Press Kit

Connected Industrial Sensor Solution


CISS Datasheet

Download CISS USB Communication Protocol

CISS USB Communication Protocol

Download CISS BLE Communication Protocol

CISS BLE Communication Protocol


CISS Demo Script Python incl. GUI

download ciss stp file



CISS Driver Installer Windows

Download CISS Driver Installer Windows Operating Instructions

CISS Driver Installer Windows Operating Instructions

Download the CISS Firmware Update V02.03.00Download

CISS Firmware Update V02.03.00

Download CISS Firmware Update Operating Instructions

CISS Firmware Update Operating Instructions

Download CISS Release Notes

CISS Release Notes


CISS Declaration of Conformity

Download CISS Operating Instructions

CISS Operating Instructions

Download CISS Quick Start Guide

CISS Quick Start Guide

Download Virtual CISS App

App Store: Virtual CISS

download app

Google Play: Virtual CISS

Download CISS Distributor Kit

CISS Press Kit

Telematics eCall Plug


TEP Datasheet

Download TEP Software Development Kit Flyer

TEP Software Development Kit Flyer

TEP Distributor Kit download

TEP Press Kit

Cross Domain Development Kit

Download XDK Datasheet

XDK Datasheet

Download XDK Datasheet Korean

XDK Datasheet Korean

Download XDK One Pager

XDK One Pager

download virtual xdk app

App Store: Virtual XDK

download virtual xdk app

Google Play: Virtual XDK

download the XDK Declaration of Conformity

XDK Declaration of Conformity

download XDK Distributor Kit

XDK Press Kit