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4 exciting facts about our corporate Bosch start-up

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions (BCDS) and find out what are the real values that define us and our work.

This is what we do: Connected devices for the IoT. However, it is not everything that we stand for. To show you that there is more behind these four letters than you would expect at first, we want to give you an exclusive insight into our yearly internal global “Get it Done” (GID) Event in this blog post.


Brand new products and projects you can look forward to

There is always room for improvement, but we strike to keep this room as small as possible. To make this happen we constantly work on new projects and improvements for our products. In this year’s event, one part of the agenda was the “Marketplace”. Are you interested in the latest developments shown in the Marketplace? We grant you an exclusive insight:

  • Official launch of the Parking Lot Sensor (PLS): The PLS detects and reports parking space occupancy, thus enabling active parking lot management features, such as search, navigation and reservation.
  • Traci: The perfect device for construction and agriculture asset tracking. Traci is immune to high mechanical impacts. Stay tuned!
  • The Newcomer: small, efficient, robust – a simple sensor for I4.0 and logistics.
  • The Specialist - Intelligent Vibration Analysis Sensor (IVAS): Your device for high bandwidth and high-resolution vibration measurements in harsh industrial environments and mobile applications.

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“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!” (Helen Keller).

This quote already sums up how we work at BCDS, as teamwork is highly important for us. But this is not something inherent with a team, you have to work on it. At the GID Event we had several teambuilding activities to strengthen the feeling within the global BCDS family. One of them was a Barbecue Night, where we sat together, took selfies and conversed about what is going on in the different regions. So know if you work with us, the glass will never be half-empty, but always half-full.



We are an international team; our team members have their offices all over the world. At the GID-Event all our employees from

  • China
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Romania
  • USA

came together and worked on how we can improve us and our products. Through our diversity, we have many different inputs and points of view that we can use to help you make your IoT project ready for an international market. Furthermore, we can specify your product for every regional market as we have the experts directly on site who can help you implement your product as best as possible. So whatever and wherever your project is we can offer you the right contact person and be there for you.


Start-up atmosphere

Although we have Bosch as the backbone of our company, we are a start-up company that is still developing and changing. Therefore, we have the agility and flexibility to think outside of the box. The fact that we sometimes think differently, was seen at our GID Event as we did some trick shot videos. Divided into small groups, we filmed short clips with the help of everyday items - the result was awesome!

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