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5 students tell you why they love working at Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions

Five quotes, many reasons to join us.

In one of our first Blog posts, we introduced you to Thorsten Klein one of our Field Application Engineers. To give you a further impression about the people working at BCDS we now want to introduce you to another part of the BCDS-Team, our students. Our students come from all different kinds of business fields, but what they all have in common is the passion and interest in topics of IoT and Industry 4.0. In the following statements, you will get to know them and they will explain to you what is so special about working at BCDS.

Johanna Knapp

Economics and Business Administration (B.Sc.)

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"Looking back at one year with BCDS, I count many great experiences, challenges, and possibilities to outgrow myself. From intern to working student, I now started a Pre-Master program at the department of General Management - Strategic Marketing and New Businesses in September. The program allows me to gain practical experiences in the field of partnerships, business development, and strategy. IoT and especially I4.0 has the power to bring incredible value to our customers and to enhance existing processes. I'm excited to be part of such a future-oriented development!"

Sebastian Schneck

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc.)

portrait of sebastian schneck

"I am working in the sales and marketing department and I am responsible for the customer satisfaction process. Working at BCDS is very interesting and exciting because you have the possibility to work in one of the most innovative and newest fields in the industry with pleasant and professional colleagues. For me, the most fascinating fact hereby is the range of opportunities provided by the interaction of hardware and software. IoT and industry 4.0 will change and improve a lot and I am glad to be a part of this development."

Yang Ye

International Business (B.Sc.)

portrait of yang ye

"If you ask me, the field of IoT and I4.0 is a revolution for logistics. International sea shipments, normally can only be tracked when they arrive or during transit at a port. IoT makes it possible to track shipments all the time. My work, in the logistics department is to insure that every order from a customer is delivered on time. This includes fast and accurate operation in SAP, preparing shipping documents, sending out dispatch instruction to the warehouse and archiving all data and documents. Furthermore, I keep track of all shipments and other daily communication and coordination with sales and the warehouse. Besides my interesting working field, I feel grateful to work at BCDS, because of its openness, transparency, diversity and uniqueness. To sum it all up, I feel just right here at BCDS."

Lukas Neuffer

Online-Media-Management (B.Sc.)

portrait of Lukas Neuffer

"I am a working student in Sales and Marketing in the area of Growth Hacking / Online Marketing. This includes activities in the field of search engine optimization and search engine advertising. In addition, I support our online marketing in creating or editing pages for our website. Furthermore, I create media content, such as videos, social media contributions and blog contributions on the topics IoT and Industry 4.0. I enjoy working at Bosch because I was allowed to take on responsibility from the start and work on my own projects that I enjoy. I like to come to work every day, because the spirit in our team and the working atmosphere at BCDS are excellent. I am very happy to experience the development of BCDS and to contribute my part to it."

Eva Weidle

Elementary School Education (B.A.)

portrait of eva weidle

"Although being quite different from my courses at university, the topics of IoT and I4.0 are highly interesting for me. A few years ago, it was all talking about future. Now it is real and surrounds us everywhere. My daily tasks include checking and evaluating received applications, preparing certificates and providing basic support in daily work. This deeper insight into HR processes in combination with the motivated and friendly colleagues is what makes working here so attractive for me. It is also exciting to work within such a multicultural team and bring innovations and our products to the forefront."

Join our team

As you can see, there are several reasons why working at BCDS is so special. From the great team and working atmosphere, up to working in the interesting field of IoT, BCDS offers various opportunities.

If you want to find out more about the possibilities at BCDS, visit our Career page. We are always interested in new, ambitious people aspiring to become part of the IoT world.

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