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Expand your possibilities with the innovator of the year 2018!

Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK) wins the category “Development Kits”

“An innovator is somebody or something that executes new ideas to create value.”

Tim Kastelle
XDK Product Manager Reiner Schmohl gets handed over the award

The Bosch XDK is not only providing these possibilities by itself, it is furthermore giving you the opportunity to be an innovator yourself!

Are you about to start a new IoT project and still need some help or support? Are you active in industry and have always wanted to know whether your machines are still fully operational? If you feel overwhelmed with the variety of IoT solutions on the market, the Bosch XDK will be your perfect partner for future projects.

The Bosch XDK gives you the power to monitor, control and analyze your products 24/7 over Bluetooth or Wireless Network. In this way your devices, products or machines become connected and smarter. Including multiple Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) sensors, various parameters for condition monitoring or predictive maintenance are recorded.

All this is combined in a small product with a large impact. Within its compact 60*40*22 mm housing, the XDK offers you 8 sensor parameters and harbors a microcontroller and battery. This offers you the possibility to monitor nearly every machine independent from size and electrical ratings.

Graphic of the XDK with integrated sensors

The story of the XDK is still far from being finished, as its ecosystem is developing rapidly. Aside from numerous hardware extension boards, like SIGFOX, LoRa or current monitoring by LEM, we are constantly collaborating with new partners through the XDKs programmable interface. Furthermore, we are always challenging ourselves to improve the XDK. With the latest release (v3.5.0), you can now use the XDK with the security library TLS by Mbed, have a reduced project implementation time due to compiler optimization and there is now further simplification of the MITA programming environment. Additionally, we improved the accuracy of the current sensor reading when using the LEM extension modules. If you become part of the journey, you will experience all the upcoming possibilities the XDK offers you in the future. Not to talk too much about the future, here are some examples of what you can do now with our innovator. There is a huge variety of use cases that can be developed with different XDK programs.

Let's get practical: Smart Agriculture Use Case

Agriculture farm in the highlands

One such use case is rural agriculture. Bosch Singapore initiated together with us the program “local – for – local”. The XDK functions enable the user to collect, store, manage and analyze different data at rural farms. This data provide the farmers information about temperature, humidity, pressure, and light. With these, the farmers can increase their harvests and improve the quality. In addition, what works in Singapore can work anywhere else. Especially in fields of urban gardening, rural agriculture or just for the plants in your living room, together with the XDK you will innovate your gardening.

As a result, transport routes must be used more efficiently. A truck driver, for example, needs to be more flexible. He communicates with the fleet management from his driver’s cabin. This gives him the ability to be redirected on difficult routes or, in case of doubt, to take over transports for colleagues if they have been stuck on the road to keep the delivery time as short as possible.

Smart Building Management: save energy with ease

Picture of a living room with a sofa and the Bosch XDK

Another everyday application area is in the field of improving building management. With the XDK, you can manage different parameters such as temperature, humidity and luminosity and from those easily build your own management platform. To do so you simply install various XDKs in the building. The power supply runs via USB on the cable trays on the ceiling and every sensor is connected via Wi-Fi and Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) to the local gateway and remote cloud. To keep you updated, the XDK is able to refresh the sensor data once a minute. From any smartphone or tablet, you will be able to regulate light intensity for a room or floor. You can even manage light color for your cubicle. You will be able to save about 60% of energy due to adequate temperature and light control.

It's time to bring your IoT idea to life

As you can see a lot is possible with the XDK, but it is still far from its limits. It is now up to you to start your own IoT project with a real prizewinner! For the second time already, the publishing company DESIGN & ELEKTRONIK has asked their readers to vote for their “Innovator of the year”. More than 1100 readers voted in ten different categories. We are proud to announce that the XDK won in the category “Development Kits”.

On October 25th, the prizes were handed out ceremoniously at the Seehaus in Munich. Our XDK Product Manager Reiner Schmohl accepted the award. We are especially happy, because as the readers choose the winners, this resembles a wide public opinion. As a result of this, we hope to continue welcoming a lot of people to the XDK community in the future. The community allows you to share inspiration with other developers, discuss ideas, and participate in great competitions and events. In addition to that, you can receive help or technical support for your IoT project.

Are you interested? Start building your own IoT project now with the innovator of the year!

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