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Interview with Achim Kern #2

Introduction and Challenge

XDK in a hand

In the first part of this blog series, Achim Kern told us about the Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK) in his private life. The second part continues there and also gives us some insights about the XDK in his business life.

When did you decide to integrate the XDK in your business life?

Achim Kern in a car

Achim: The XDK from Bosch is an easy compact sensor system with the Bosch IoT Suite and the perfect Bluetooth Low Energy Phone App. With this system I can go to my production line and easily measure environment data, machine vibrations, sounds and movements. In my use cases I can test different rest magnetic fields on anchor bolts which used to be a major problem during assembling and testing.

Achim, please explain us some of your applications

Pengobrain XDK Game

Achim: For India I developed a solution where the XDK is used in an old kid’s game of mine called Pengo Brain. In this game you can move Pengo with the XDK, use magnetic cards (magnetometer sensor) for jump points, you can even use a torch light (light sensor) for tunnels.

Another big project is a HTTP solution where you have a Hollywood application which is running on all major computer systems. You can view your XDK sensor data on Linux, Apple, Windows, Aros, Amiga, and MorphOS systems. A really nice feature for that is Amazon’s Alexa – you just have to call the sensors and she tells you the data which is amazing.

"I like that most required sensors are in a compact block – ready to use – no wiring necessary."

Achim Kern | Owner of KeHo Software

What about your favorite XDK feature?

Achim: I like that most required sensors are in a compact block – ready to use – no wiring necessary. We have Wi-Fi and BLE for communication and an inside LiPo block for energy. Also, there are 4 LEDs to show users what is going on and 2 buttons for interactions. The mobile app is also a great feature because you can quickly view all your sensor data. All you have to do is flash the provided application, download the app and go.

What exciting things do you have planned next?

your connected home from keho software

Achim: I will use the XDK as a major device in the SmartHome and Smart Sensor system. The XDK delivers the sensor data and with the two buttons we can steer other devices. In a first step we will switch all HUE lamps on/off to activate the alarm system etc. For that purpose, the XDK will be mounted inside, near our apartment door. One idea is to create a Hollywood Kids application which will be a learning and working system to easily demonstrate IoT with the XDK. I think this could be a big thing because it could also be used to train Bosch employees to jump into the Digital Transformation.

To find out more about Achim Kern check out the first part of this blog series.

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