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Why travel normal when you can travel #LikeABosch?

An exciting journey with our XDK product manager Reiner Schmohl to „The Things Conference 2019“ in Amsterdam.

Please note: the following story offers exclusive insights into the crazy and varied everyday life of a product manager at Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions. You won't get such a deep insight again so quickly. Let's go!

4:30 am: Wakeup. I get torn out of my sleep – my smartphone plays it loudly:

„I start my days. Like a Bosch”.

Actually, I really love the new cult song, but today I press the “cancel” button as fast as possible. I turn around once more, but a short time later, it really does say:

„Coffee’s on“.

Luckily, I already packed my stuff the night before, so that I could start my journey directly after a short breakfast. I think to myself:

„Get in the car“

However, misthought! The cold winter in the Swabian Alps put a spoke in my wheel. At night, there was heavy snowfall, so that I could not find my car because of all the snow. In case you do not believe me, check out this short video (Desktop only):

snowstorm through the front windshield of a car

I fight my way through the thick snow flurry towards the Stuttgart airport. Will I make it on time?

6:00 am: Arrival at the Stuttgart airport. The excitement for the “Things Conference 2019” makes my steps feel faster and bigger than ever before, and a short time later, I am sitting in the plane.

My efforts are rewarded by a beautiful sunrise:

“I start my days.

Like a Bosch

Sun rays.



8:00 am: Arrival in Amsterdam. “Beautiful city”, I think, but I don’t have time for that. Let’s go to the conference!

I walk relaxed in the direction of our stand, where my colleague Michael is already waiting for me. “The first customers are already here”, he tells me. “Customers?” I reply, “I mean the conference has not even started yet!” “Anyways” we say to each other “customers first, worries second”. After the official opening of our booth, we are overrun by customers. Occasionally, even happens our customers explain our products to each other. We just looked at each other and thought:

“So connected. (LIKE A BOSCH)
So effective. (LIKE A BOSCH)

12:00 am. Lunchtime. We nourish ourselves with culinary highlights from the Netherlands and my personal highlight is just around the corner: My keynote on the topic “Take your LoRaWAN project to the next level with the XDK Node”.

“They’re watching me. (LIKE A BOSCH)

If you were not live on site, you can watch my keynote again right here

Relieved, I walk back to our stand and I am happy to see that we still can’t save ourselves from visitors. I am sure you would like to know why our stand was so interesting to all the attendees: I can tell you. We introduced three great new LoRa-based products:

  • The Parking Lot Sensor, an intelligent solution for detecting parking space occupancy with which cities can raise their traffic concept to a new level.
  • The new XDK LoRa Extension: A new component for our “Swiss Army Knife of IoT”. This extension with LoRa technology allows for example communication that penetrates buildings. This allows us to exchange data up to a range of 40km.
  • Last but not least, we presented a new industrial product, about which I must not tell you too much yet. We will inform you in our newsletter as soon as the time comes.

06:00 pm. Closing time. After a long day, we really deserved our after-work beer. Very excited we headed to the “After show party” to find out that we could not find the entrance for half an hour. However, #LikeABosch we kept searching, and as you can see in the pictures it was really worth it, don’t you think so?

reiner schmohl at the things conference dinner party
reiner schmohl at the things conference dinner party 02

After the party, I fall into the hotel bed completely tired but full of pride in consideration of the eventful day. Fortunately, the start of the second day of “The Things Conference” is not as turbulent as the first one. Our LoRa expert team, Alexander, Michael, Martin, Jonas, Dietrich, and I, briefly discuss at the breakfast table what is on the agenda today. We say to each other “more turbulent and better – in a positive sense – the day cannot become” but we were wrong, as it turns out later. :-)

 reiner schmohl giving an interview at the things conference

You want to know why? I will give you two examples:

  1. 1 Shortly after lunch, my colleague Alexander walks straight towards me: “Reiner you have to give an interview”. I say, “Sure we can make an appointment for next week”. “No”, replies Alex “Not next week, right now they want to talk to you, come with me”. As in the IoT environment, and in a Start-up you always have to be spontaneous I follow him. I walk along eagerly and a short time later, I am on a stage, in the middle of the hall and give an interview about “my” product, the XDK. I feel honoured.
  2. 2 In the hall, there is a huge “Wall of Fame”, with all the LoRa products from the conference. As we return from our Hands on Session “Realize your IoT use case with the freely programmable XDK from Bosch” our products were gone from the wall.
three people at a conference

"I check my stock. (LIKE A BOSCH)
What a shock. (LIKE A BOSCH)"

Spontaneously we take stickers of our products and put them on the wall. Everything is fine!

In the evening, the circle closes: we meet our former colleague Juan, the original system architect of the Parking Lot Sensor. He is totally moved to see the sensor now on the open market. With a good feeling, we start our journey home to Germany.

Bye Amsterdam! It was a blast!

"Coming home. (LIKE A BOSCH)

Future Zone. (LIKE A BOSCH)"

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