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IoT sensors for the factory of the future

Training and Hackathon for IoT Enthusiasts

14 - 09/18/2020
Ulm, Germany

Sensor-based connected devices form the foundation for the Internet of Things and offer limitless possibilities for designing the factory of the future. Monitoring industrial plants, machines and processes with the help of connected sensors provides the data basis for a significant increase in overall plant efficiency.

Your company benefits from these advantages

Predictive Maintenance

Reduced downtimes

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Process optimisation

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Quality assurance

We offer an industrial portfolio consisting of various sensor devices, each containing several sensors.

These include not only wired solutions, but also wireless, battery-operated variants with particularly efficient energy management. The product portfolio ranges from multifunctional to specialized devices that are equipped with integrated intelligence or are available as freely programmable variants for creative design of individual solutions.

Visit our basic technology training and a hackathon to get ready for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Besides the technical basics of data acquisition and the functionality of sensor devices you will get to know the various possibilities of implementing IoT in industry. The four-day hackathon offers the opportunity to realize your own ideas, if necessary with the help of Bosch experts.

Training dates

Technique Training Hackathon
Technique Training
September 14, 2020; Ulm, Germany
Sept. 15 - Sept. 18, 2020; Ulm, Germany
Technique Training
November 11, 2020; Ulm, Germany
Dec. 01- Dec. 04, 2020; Ulm, Germany

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