Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions
Slush Tokyo stage

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions at Junction & Slush 2018

23 - 03/28/2018
Tokyo, JAP

At the end of March, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions will take part in two mega events in Tokyo. The first event “Junction Tokyo” will take place from 23rd – 25th March. Afterwards Bosch will host an IoT meetup at “Slush Tokyo” from 28-29 March.

Junction Tokyo

With over 300 creators, the Junction Tokyo is an event where developers, designers and entrepreneurs from all over the world come together to participate in Japan’s biggest hackathon. For 48 hours during the 23-25th March, hackers will create a melting pot of various ideas. We are proud that Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions will play an important role at this event with the Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK). The IoT Hackathon Challenge will show who can get the greatest benefit out of the Cross Domain Development Kit.

seven people sitting at a table with laptops doing a hackathon challenge

Slush Tokyo

From 28-29 March, the second big event Slush Tokyo will take place. Slush is a student-driven non-profit movement operating all over the world. Around 6000 attendees, 600 startups and 200 investors will come together at one of Japan’s largest startup and tech conference. At Slush Tokyo, we would like to get to know the next generation of Japanese and Asian entrepreneurs. Therefore, Bosch will host an IoT meetup on March 28th at Café1886. We are looking forward to meet interesting people of the Japanese startup-scene. Feel free to ask us any questions, which we will be happy to answer.

over the shoulder shot of a business breakfast with the title café 1886 at Bosch

Event Coverage

If you are unable to attend the event, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions offers the possibility to provide information via our Twitter channel. Get an idea of what's going on at the booth.

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