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Connected Industrial Sensor Solution | CISS

Speed up your path to efficient Industry 4.0 solutions with CISS.

Monitor your industrial processes with CISS

CISS Application

Increase your manufacturing efficiency by monitoring your machines, processes, and environmental conditions. Introducing the Connected Industrial Sensor Solution (CISS), a compact multi-sensor device for harsh environments.

Save costs by enabling predictive and remote maintenance with machine condition monitoring. CISS also makes it possible to optimize production yields via live process surveillance. Due to its motion and environmental sensing abilities, the CISS is ideally suited for Industry 4.0 applications.

Your benefits at a glance

CISS offers you easy handling through a single multi-sensor device the complete machine range. At the same time, you can analyze several problems for better predictive maintenance.

Multiple sensor solution

CISS offers you easy handling through a single multi-sensor device the complete machine range. At the same time, you can analyze several problems for better predictive maintenance.

Increased efficiency and less downtimes

Avoid increased stress on your machines through unbalanced masses and worn-out tools.

High protection class

CISS is designed for IoT applications in rough environments thanks to its IP-54 protection class. The housing is tried and proven in industrial and automotive environments.

Broad temperature range

While in operation, this industrial sensor device offers you a range from -20° C up to 85° C and greater flexibility on where you intend to utilize it.

Tough and flexible

The CISS is a flexible sensor solution specialized for your rough industrial environment. The small and robust housing protects a selection of inertial and environmental sensors. Configure the measurement range and sampling rate according to your individual needs. With its broad operating temperature and humidity range, it opens up a large variety of use cases. Need to get more specific? Independent from most other features, retrofitting is available to you. Connect CISS via Bluetooth® or USB to retrieve your data.

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