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The Transport Data Logger Freight Guard from Bosch monitors your goods with various sensors in real time
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Real-time quality tracking throughout your entire supply chain

Transport Data Logger Freight Guard | TDL140

The Transport Data Logger Freight Guard from Bosch is the solution for monitoring expensive machinery

Keep sight of your valuable goods

Transport Data Logger Freight Guard is the IoT shipment solution for bringing real-time transparency into your whole supply chain. To prevent concealed damages or misdirected shipments, internal sensors enable a 24/7 condition monitoring for critical shipments.

Track assets, shipments and goods in transit for creating customer trust with reliable information in every transportation mode. Reduce complexity with an End to End solution and be actively informed about the shipment status. To fit your needs when it comes to traceability during transport, you only need one device. Whether its air, sea, rail or road transport, the TDL Freight Guard fits it all.

The Transport Data Logger Freight Guard is the consistent further development of our Transport Data Logger 110. The main difference between these versions is the real-time tracking functionality of the brand-new Freight Guard.

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Real-time tracking

Immediately react to breaches during transit and facilitate the automation of potential responses.

Ease of use

Simple setup as part of the ready to use IoT solution including global data plan, cloud and mounting bracket: mount, track, react.

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Reliable quality

Robust design, battery supply and real-time connectivity allows the usage in all modes of transport.


Worldwide roaming and Cloud included

Make use of our ready to use solution. You do not need to care about contracting data plans or complex subscriptions to any website. You get your TDL140 with everything needed to create your account and start monitoring: easy and simple.


Get realtime updates once your shipment reaches the destination. Mark your favoured area in the map and be informed if your shipment moves through it.

Shock detection up to 24G

Keep yourself on the loop of your delivery status with realt-ime notifications of shocks in the TDL Cloud, email or SMS.

Collect your data and devices in one hub

The Transport Data Logger Cloud is a web based application to monitor and manage all devices online. In combination with a TDL Freight Guard, the current locations of all devices are displayed in a map.

With the Transport Data Logger Cloud you have a complete overview of your goods

Transport Data Logger Cloud

Immediate data access

It doesn't matter where all your Transport Data Loggers are - with the TDL Cloud you have access to all logged data without any effort for managing and archiving.

TDL Cloud
The automatic flight mode enables transport by air freight - including certification

Automatic Flight mode

Automatic Flight mode

TDL140 is ready to be used in flights. While in flight, the device operates in sleep mode and monitors your shipment. Please ask your airline for approval in advance to use any connected device in your shipment.

Automatic flight mode detection
Always know where goods are with real-time tracking

Proactive information

Proactive information

To prevent either concealed damages or misdirected shipments the Cloud observes the environmental conditions and sends emails automaticaly if violations occur. Interact proactivly before harmed happend.

Immediate cloud access

IoT connectivity via Bosch´s IoT Platform

The TDL Freight Guard can be connected via Bosch IoT Suite

The TDL Freight Guard can be connected via Bosch IoT Suite

Make use of the open-source-based Bosch software platform for IoT solutions.

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