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Transport Data Logger | TDL

Shipment transparency for your supply chain

Transport Data Logger for remote monitoring and logistics tracking

Your valuable goods always in view

While attached to your shipment, the Transport Data Logger senses and records relevant temperature, humidity, tilt, and shock events. Through our 360-degree-approach, your transport processes and supply chain become smarter.

Since you can configure the limits of each parameter individually, any transgressions of these limits are traceable and clearly assignable to the transport stations.

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Would you like to have a live view of your goods? It's your choice.

Transport Data Logger 110 and Transport Data Logger 140

Your possible application fields

We care for a reliable indication of possible direct and indirect damages within a wide range of application areas.

Machine Transport

Remotely monitor the impacts to your high-precision industrial machines or machine parts and speed up commissioning.

Material Handling

Monitor the impacts to your sensitive materials.

  • Identify root causes
  • Minimize effort
  • Optimize processes

Remote Production Monitoring

Monitor the environmental condition in your production environment and reduce downtime.

Enjoy a compact overview about the features and benefits

Your TDL advantages

Simple logistics processes

Our Transport Data Logger is easy to use and configure. In addition, visualization is accessible via mobile application.

Cost-efficient connected logistics

We offer you the best in terms of price-performance ratio.

Effective shipment monitoring

With our industrial data logging device you are able to introduce transparency throughout your entire supply chain.

The fine-tuned details of the Transport Data Logger

The TDL Bluetooth® interface allows you to read-out interval and event-based data such as temperature, humidity, tilt and shock. Configure thresholds individually and visualize data in the app and cloud (beta).

Data analysis made easy with the TDL app

The Transport Data Logger is designed for a quick start and connects via Bluetooth Low Energy. Download the app onto your smartphone to visualize data directly in the field or upload it to the cloud (beta).

Transport Data Loggers TDL mounted on Boxes on a forklift

Detect hazards and impacts

Detect hazards and impacts

Due to its transport shock sensor it's easy to record and identify hazard points and responsibilities within the supply chain.

Detect hazards and impacts
Transport Data Logger TDL mounted on a box, measuring data which is shown on a smartphone

Easy to use app

Easy to use app

Get immediate access to visualized TDL data or upload them to the cloud. Just download the app from our partner stores to get started:

Please note: for better results we recommend using iOS

Immediate cloud access
Man in front of a computer is looking at the Transport Data Logger TDL Software Cloud

Immediate cloud access

Immediate cloud access

No matter where your TDLs are currently located, the TDL Cloud gives you access to all uploaded data from the comfort of your desk. Through effortless managing and archiving, you can easily recover your shipment and monitor it whenever related data is needed.

Note: Please be aware that the cloud is currently in beta mode.

TDL Cloud

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