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The Transport Data Logger from Bosch enables accurate tracking of goods
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Shipment transparency for your supply chain

Transport Data Logger | TDL

The Transport Data Logger from Bosch monitors your goods with various sensors such as a shock sensor

Your valuable goods always in view

70% of global transport damages are avoidable. Who is responsible for the damages? Without using logistics data loggers, there is no reliable indication of possible direct or indirect damages. The consequences are often occasional trust issues between seller / shipper and buyer / receiver. With the Transport Data Logger, these problems are in the past.

While attached to your shipment, the Transport Data Logger senses and records relevant temperature, humidity, tilt, and shock events. Through our 360-degree-approach, your transport processes and supply chain become smarter.

Since you can configure the limits of each parameter individually, any transgressions of these limits are traceable and clearly assignable to the transport stations.

Your possible application fields

  1. Machine Transport: remotely monitor the impacts to your high-precision industrial machines or machine parts and speed up commissioning.
  2. Material Handling: Monitor the impacts to your sensitive materials. Identify root causes, minimize effort, optimize processes.
  3. Remote Production Monitoring: monitor the environmental condition in your production environment and reduce downtime.

Enjoy a compact overview about the features and benefits


Simple logistics processes

Our Transport Data Logger is easy to use and configure. In addition, visualization is accessible via mobile application.

Cost-efficient connected logistics

We offer you the best in terms of price-performance ratio.

Effective shipment monitoring

With our industrial data logging device you are able to introduce transparency throughout your entire supply chain.


Simultaneous monitoring of multiple crucial parameters

TDL110 continuously monitors the status of your goods. Thanks to the different in-built sensors, it will detect and log any event that can potentially damage your goods. Either temperature sensitive products, humidity events that can rust your machine or heavy shocks that may break your goods.

Up to two years battery lifetime

The TDL110 can deliver up to two years memory capacity and battery lifetime. TDL110 is also fully indicated for the usage to monitor goods that have extremely long lead times, months of storage or cover events like customs waiting times.

Plug and Play

The TDL110 is easy to install, and even easier to set up and use. There is no need for specific tools. Just open the App and configure the TDL110. In less than 5 minutes you are ready to bring transparency to your supply chain.

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The fine-tuned details of the Transport Data Logger

The TDL Bluetooth® interface allows you to read-out interval and event-based data such as temperature, humidity, tilt and shock. Configure thresholds individually and visualize data in the app and cloud (beta).

IoT connectivity via Bosch´s IoT Platform

The Transport Data Logger can be connected via Bosch IoT Suite

The Transport Data Logger can be connected via Bosch IoT Suite

Make use of the open-source-based Bosch software platform for IoT solutions.

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