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With the Parking Lot Sensor from Bosch, free parking spaces can be detected fully automatically.
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The wireless smart parking sensor for detecting parking space occupancy

Parking Lot Sensor | PLS

Thin parking sensor with intelligent algorithms for detecting parking space occupancy

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Stationary traffic and urban parking present countless challenges for cities - added emissions, parking violators, unevenly utilized parking lots and exceeded parking limits. The new Bosch Parking Lot Sensor makes it possible for cities to efficiently manage parking spaces. The use of parking sensors lowers costs, increases fee revenue and lays the foundation for innovative services for the public and the economy.

The Parking Lot Sensor (PLS) detects and reports parking space occupancy, thus enabling active parking lot management features, such as search, navigation and reservation.The easy retrofit sensor solution for off-street parking is installed in minutes.

It utilizes the discretionary LoRaWAN protocol for wireless communication and can therefore be integrated easily into any Smart City project.

Bosch not only offers one of the most innovative parking sensors on the market, but also provides you with personal experts who ensure that no question remains unanswered.

You are not only interested in the device, but in a complete car park management solution? We would be happy to support you in building a complete infrastructure with the help of our network of partners.

The Parking Lot Sensor is the right answer for these application areas

  1. Guided Parking: the average searching time for a parking space takes up to 20 minutes. By using the Parking Lot Sensor we ensure less CO2 emission, less accidents and searching time reduction by up to 35%.
  2. Targeted use of parking personnel to comply with regulations and increased productivity of officers by increasing the number of tickets per shift.
  3. Short-term Parking: remove business traffic limitations and reduce limitations in last mile transportation.
  4. eCharging: improved charging process and user experience.

Coming soon…

An In-ground variant of the Parking Lot Sensor is in preparation and available for proof of concepts

PLS Inground

Learn more about the almost invisible version of the Parking Lot Sensor, which seamlessly adapts to the overall image of parking areas.

Create the city of the future with Smart Parking

Parking made smart: We have started the a smart parking pilot project in Italy together with several partners. 66 Bosch Parking Lot Sensors have been installed in the city center of Mantua.

Unbeatable benefits

Zero maintenance and calibration

No maintenance by personnel on site is necessary. This saves you time and money.

Easy installation

It only takes minutes from sensor installation to receiving the first data. The sensor is glued to different surfaces or screwed in the ground with ease.

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Personal consultation

Our experts advise you personally and solve problems quickly and without detours.

Reliable features

Self-learning algorithm for parking space occupancy detection

The wireless sensor detects and reports parking space occupancy, thus enabling active parking lot management features, such as search, navigation and reservation.

High protection class: IP67

The elegant but extremely robust IP67 housing can withstand any external influence.

Long battery life

Inside, a Lithium battery ensures a lifetime of up to 5 years.

96% average parking state change detection performance

Proven in field-tests with more than 2.000 sensors and more than 46 different car types in real parking environments.

LoRaWAN certified sensor

PLS utilizes the discretionary LoRaWAN protocol for wireless communication and can therefore be integrated easily into any Smart City project


"We were looking for a parking sensor that works reliably, is maintenance-free, offers a high detection rate and can be put into operation quickly. The Bosch sensor meets these expectations. With Bosch, a global company is behind the parking sensor, and we expect maximum future-proofness and protection for our investment from them."

Daniel Rusch, Innovation Management Project Engineer, Stromnetz Hamburg

Free or taken?

Using the Bosch sensor to know whether a parking space is occupied or not

Parking sensor solutions are based on a concept that is as simple as it is ingenious: each individual parking space is equipped with a sensor that checks whether a space is free or taken – almost in real time. This information is transmitted electronically to a central platform that evaluates the data and then initiates further steps.

The newly developed parking sensor from Bosch bundles all of the necessary functions into a compact housing – cars can even drive over it. The manufacturer has demonstrated an accuracy of more than 95% in numerous field tests with over 50 vehicle types and thousands of parking maneuvers. In about 25 European cities, pilot projects and rolled-out series installations are confirming the performance ability of the sensors in real-world operation.

Various areas of application

The Bosch parking sensor is installed and mounted in 5 minutes

Parking sensors are used in countless application scenarios. Intelligent parking guidance systems are able to significantly reduce the traffic looking for parking. At peak times, up to a third of traffic is looking for a parking space. As a result, even systems just applied at downtown hotspots are able to significantly relieve the traffic situation.

With the help of parking sensors, personnel can be employed in a more targeted way against parking in blocked spaces, such as fire access lanes, or the exceeding of parking limits: a map shows all parking violators. This also allows compliance with the respective regulations for loading zones and short-term parking spaces to be efficiently supported.

Learn how to easily install the Parking Lot Sensor

Bosch Parking Lot Sensor Installation Instructions

IoT connectivity via Bosch´s IoT Platform

The Parking Lot Sensor can be connected via Bosch IoT Suite

The Parking Lot Sensor can be connected via Bosch IoT Suite

Make use of the open-source-based Bosch software platform for IoT solutions.

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Learn how to easily install the Parking Lot Sensor
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