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Parking Lot Sensor from Bosch mounted on a Parking Lot

Parking Lot Sensor | PLS

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The Parking Lot Sensor (PLS) detects and reports parking space occupancy, thus enabling active parking lot management features, such as search, navigation and reservation.The easy retrofit sensor solution for off-street parking is installed in minutes.

This IoT smart parking solution was designed for detecting with the highest reliability if a parking lot is occupied or available. It utilizes the discretionary LoRaWAN protocol for wireless communication and can therefore be integrated easily into any Smart City project.

Create the city of the future with Smart Parking

Parking made smart: We have started the a smart parking pilot project in Italy together with several partners. 66 Bosch Parking Lot Sensors have been installed in the city center of Mantua.

Your potential use cases

Reduce traffic jams and searches for parking space up to 20 minutes

Guided Parking

  • Guidance in parking facilities
  • Guided city parking
  • Reservation systems
  • Employee parking

Problem to solve: the average searching time for a parking space takes up to 20 minutes.

Solution with Parking Lot Sensor: less CO2 emission, less accidents and searching time reduction by 35%.

Law Enforcement

  • identify overstays / illegal parking
  • law enforcement e.g. fire brigade zone
  • ticket harvesting

Problem to solve: missed parking space rent and high associated costs.

Solution with Parking Lot Sensor: improved compliance and increased officer productivity and amount of tickets per chase.

Short-term Parking

  • Short term parking availability drop-off & pick-up zones, loading/unloading areas, Taxi queues

Problem to solve: remove business traffic limitations; reduce limitations in last mile transportation.

Solution with Parking Lot Sensor: fluent urban business with smooth urban short term traffic.


  • Availability of eCharging stations

Problem to solve: limited availability of eCharging stations due to overstay.

Solution with Parking Lot Sensor: improved charging process and user experience.

Private Parking

  • Shared private parking spaces
  • New innovative payment models

Problem to solve: today few solutions to offer and bill private parking space.

Solution with Parking Lot Sensor: private parking space additionally available e.g. shops at daytime and restaurants at night.


  • Statistical frequency measurement of parking lots
  • Traffic modelling and simulation

Problem to solve: lack of information for capacity planning e.g. parking hot spots.

Solution with Parking Lot Sensor: communities update the parking capacities e.g. to provide sufficient disabled parking.


Learn how to easily install the Parking Lot Sensor

Small sensor - big help

Easy installation

The sensor is glued to different surfaces or screwed in the ground with ease.

Zero maintenance

No recalibration needed during the whole battery life time.

Exchangeable sensor core

The sensor core is exchangeable without removing the base from the ground.

High durability

Up to 5 years battery lifetime.

Parking Lot Sensor mounted on the ground
Parking Lot Sensor mounted on the ground
Parking Lot Sensor mounted on the ground in a garage in front of a car

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Learn how to easily install the Parking Lot Sensor
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