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Parking Lot Sensor is mounted on the floor of a parking garage in front of a car

Parking Lot Sensor FAQs

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Technical FAQ

How long does it take for the sensor to report a change in parking status?

A parking event can last for 15-30s, for this reason the sensor is designed in such a way that the sensor reports a change of parking condition after 35s.

At what point after installation/commissioning does the sensor reach its operational performance?

The self-learning algorithm needs 10 parking changes (teach-in phase) until the sensor is in the optimal accuracy.

What are the reasons for frequent sensor reboots? What can be done to reduce this behavior?

First of all you should check if the radio quality (RSSI & SNR) of the communication is sufficiently good and the sensor has to send a message several times due to not received ACK at the sensor.

  • If necessary, compress the network and/or increase the data rate of the sensor via downlink (default current SF10)

If the ACK was not present at the gateway at the time of the response time slot (ReceiveWindow 1 and 2) and therefore the same message is received from the sensor several times. Examples could be a 3G Internet connection.

  • Check the latency of the communication to the LNS and, if necessary, move the response timeslots to a later time.

If the above points are not the trigger for the reboots, please contact our support (support@bosch-connectivity.com) with the information and logs already collected

What is the interpretation of the thresholds?

Thresholds are the last set valid values. A violation occurs as soon as these values are exceeded.

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