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Telematics eCall Plug from Bosch inside of a car

Telematics Plug | TEP

Smart sensor device designed for crash detection and analyzing driving behavior

Telematics eCall Plug for crash detection & driving behavior analysis

For the fastest first help

Keep your customers’ effort to a minimum with the Telematics Plug from Bosch. This smart sensor device is designed for crash detection and the analysis of driving behavior. The user-friendly advantage is that the plug fits into a 12V outlet of any passenger car. Benefit from Bosch’s best-in-class technology in a small frame. You can choose between the following options: accident detection functionality & driving behavior determination; accident detection functionality only; driving behavior determination only.

Accident detection functionality:

Increase a driver’s safety and help accelerate roadside assistance with the functionality of the retrofittable accident detection. With its hyper-accurate integrated acceleration sensor and built-in microcontroller, the Bosch accident detection system detects the severity of a collision. The advantage? Quick and professional help, whenever it’s needed.

Driving behavior analysis:

Offer your customers’ a greater insight into their own driving behavior and, if necessary, the chance to act upon it. The Telematics Plug transmits acceleration, braking and cornering event data to the driver’s smartphone via Bluetooth® and serves as informational help to improve driving performance. Additionally, it helps utilize more personalized services.

Using technology that makes driving safer

The Telematics Plug is equipped with acceleration sensors, adaptive algorithms and connectivity via Bluetooth®.

  • Telematics Plug – crash detection
  • Event detection and scoring (acceleration, braking, cornering)
  • Motion sensor – 3-axis-accelerometer
  • Temperature sensor – included in motion sensor
  • Radio communication – Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy
  • USB charger – 1.5A at 5V (dependent on temperature)

Short and sweet: Telematics Plug in use

Benefits for business customers

Deliver detailed driving data for improved customer relationship

The TEP delivers precise driving event data for telematics, fleets or insurance applications. The driving event data, which includes crash detection as well as detection of fast acceleration, harsh braking, and sharp turning, is sent to the backend of the business customer. There, the data can be analyzed and processed together with additional information according to the individual requirements of the business partners.

Create new business models and services

The Telematics Plug's precise driving event data can be used by various operators such as:

  • Telemetry service providers
  • Automobile Clubs
  • Car manufacturers
  • Insurance companies
  • Mobility services
  • Fleet management

Take the chance to improve your customer journey and customer retention by making use of personalized offerings to provide better and holistic services.

Scalable and affordable for mass consumption

The device is suitable for mass consumption due to the low investment for the device. In addition, the software development kit is available for an easy integration into an existing Smartphone App.

Smart sensor device – multiple features

Multi-function sensor

The Telematics Plug detects relevant information on crashes and their severity level. Additionally, it tracks scoring events such as acceleration, braking, cornering, starting and stopping.

Automotive expertise

Our best-in-class Bosch technology is derived from our knowledge in airbag development.

Easy IoT application

With its fit into the well-known 12V outlet, your customers can easily implement the Telematics Plug.

High security

The accident detection does not connect to the IT infrastructure of a car. Therefore the given security level of the vehicle remains unaffected.

Explore endless use cases and functionalities

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