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The Bosch Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK) can be used flexibly for a variety of use cases
Cross Domain

Your programmable Swiss Army Knife for IoT Solutions

Cross Domain Development Kit | XDK

Develop a prototype without tangled cables with the Development Kit XDK from Bosch

All good things start with XDK

The Cross Domain Development Kit is ready for 24/7 usage, giving you the complete freedom to employ it either as short-term proof-of-concept or XDK Node for long-term projects.

Show the world your great idea for an IoT solution by using the Bosch XDK. This quick and professional prototyping platform has evolved continuously. It's not only available to you as a rapid IoT prototyping tool, but also as a programmable sensor node. Get the XDK as a single boxed prototyping product or the XDK Node which contains a pack of 10 devices including mounting plates.

Utilize the power to monitor, control and analyze your product remotely via Bluetooth® or Wireless Network. Record predictive maintenance thanks to the included multiple micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors and various parameters for condition monitoring. Allow devices, products or machines to become connective and smarter.

Your potential application areas

Realization of first IoT prototypes

The XDK is an all-in-one sensor-based device for the realization of all IoT use cases or proof of concepts, created especially for professionals, developers and advanced hobbyists, but also students and research associates. The XDK enables time and cost effective prototyping.

Small batch operating use cases

The XDK Node is a universal programmable sensor device and is the next step in the product development of the XDK. The XDK Node moves the XDK from an IoT prototyping tool to a small batch operating use case. The product is delivered as a box of 10, and the XDKs are already on the mounting plates. This XDK Node (the 10 pack of XDKs) offers the customer the ability to deploy the XDK faster and to use it in a wide variety of IoT applications and/or projects.

Mass production and series engineering

We offer individual options for series engineering and mass production to bring your product to life. Here, we draw on Bosch's expertise in MEMS technology and offer high-volume availability and cost-efficiency for your specific request.

Create prototypes, not Power Point slides.

Don't miss out on these benefits


Make use of eight sensors to realize condition monitoring and detect anomalies. The device is freely programmable or equipped with ready made firmware solutions.

App & cloud connectivity

The Virtual XDK App gives you a first data overview. Choose between the XDK Cloud and common cloud solutions.

IoT Ecosystem

The XDK Workbench, Community our valuable partners and diverse extension boards for further sensors make the XDK a powerful platform.

Valuable features

Prototyping and 24/7 usage


Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi connectivity


Rechargeable battery and wired use


Included security features


Included in your XDK delivery

XDK Node
XDK Node
One prototyping device XDK
XDK Node
Bundle of 10 XDK devices, ready-mounted
"Gateway": extension board for easy access to additional
micro-controller unit (MCU) functionality
XDK Node
10 micro USB 2.0 connector cables
10 cm connector cable
XDK Node
Mounting plate and screws
XDK Node

So much technology combined in one small box

The XDK combines a wide array of MEMS sensors with a microcontroller. An ARM Cortex M3 processor analyzes, processes and transmits the sensor data you need. Simply connect XDK with other devices, for example your PC or a mobile device via USB, Bluetooth® or wireless network.

Due to its small form factor housing with an included battery, it can be retrofitted to objects of any size.

Software package

Receive a comprehensive software package and a selection of typical IoT applications together with the prototyping kit, and utilize them in commercial applications.

Cross Domain Development Kit XDK Workbench

XDK Workbench

XDK Workbench

The XDK Workbench is your tool to immediately start building a project with the XDK. It’s easy to install and automatically updates itself. Also included: a direct interface to the XDK community and the XDK API documentation. There is no need to program via a debugger, but the function is provided in case you want to use the standard JTAG connector.

All popular protocols like MQTT, LWM2M, HTTPS, HTTP and CoAp are supported. To get started quickly, selected sample codes can be found in the workbench.

XDKPDP Software Workbench
Cross Domain Development Kit XDK software development kit

Powerful software development kit

Powerful software development kit

The XDK was designed with you in mind, enabling you to just press power and immediately start prototyping. How? By incorporating an operating system on the XDK – ready to go. It's based on the open source operating system Amazon FreeRTOS 10, enabling real-time IoT applications. XDK offers you the possibility to use all hardware components you might need with the provided API.

XDKPDP Software Rapid Prototyping
Cross Domain Development Kit XDK software

Eclipse Mita

Eclipse Mita

The IoT connects embedded devices to the cloud. If you're from a cloud background, embedded developing can seem daunting. In addition to writing code in the programming language C, the XDK has its own, Eclipse Mita. We designed this language to make you feel right at home. If you have ever written anything similar to Javascript or Swift, Eclipse Mita will feel familiar. And in the end, it all compiles to C code.

XDK Live
Cross Domain Development Kit XDK smartphone app

Virtual XDK

Virtual XDK

This demo app visualizes the sensor data of the XDK for you in a rendered 3D model that also shows the device. The model moves according to sensor information provided by the XDK via Bluetooth® to the device running the application.

XDKPDP Software App
Cross Domain Development Kit XDK software cloud

Flexible cloud connectivity

Flexible cloud connectivity

The cloud application is free of restrictions. We support your own IoT cloud in addition to cloud platforms such as Bosch IoT Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or GE Predix.

XDKPDP Software Cloud
xdk is presented on a big screen

Data Logger Firmware XDL120

Data Logger Firmware XDL120

The Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK) Data Logger Firmware XDL120 provides access to eight precise and chronologically stamped sensor data sources for information based IoT applications (sensor data management).

xdk presentation

Discover successful use cases brought to life

Do you need a long-range communication solution?

Then there is no way around the LoRa extension for the XDK. With a range of up to 40 km, structures such as buildings can be penetrated and over-the-air updates can be performed.

XDK LoRa Extension for long-range data exchange

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Cross Domain Development Kit | XDK
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