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Starter Kit for the fast implementation of IoT and industry 4.0 use cases
Cross Domain

The multitool for the factory of the future

XDK Shop Floor Starter Kit

Case with hardware and software for the implementation of typical industry 4.0 use cases

Your shop floor in view – without looking at it

The XDK Shop Floor Starter Kit is the eagle eye for your production. Regardless of your location, the kit’s components keep track of how the machines work. The small-format digitization accelerator reduces downtime and provides early warning of pending maintenance.

The Industry 4.0 Starter Kit contains all necessary hardware and software components to realize five typical industry use cases.

A central component is our Swiss Army knife for IoT applications, the Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK). With eight sensors, the XDK can be used flexibly.

Use different possibilities to read out data and visualize and interpret them in a backend, PC, smartphone or tablet.

If deviations from the target value occur, you can counteract in time and avoid consequential damage. Increase your productivity now with the XDK Shop Floor Starter Kit.

One kit - five application areas

  1. Machine status display on Smartphone / Backend
  2. Power consumption: Conclusions on operating conditions and wear
  3. Eight sensor values: Conclusions on operating conditions and wear
  4. Indoor localization of goods
  5. Temperature measurement of substances and surfaces

Design the factory of the future with these advantages

Increase transparency

If you have an overview of your processes, you can recognize deviations and potential for optimization, even if you are not able to be on site

Saving costs

Reduce costs for problem analysis and unnecessary maintenance. Give your maintenance personnel the opportunity to tackle challenges in a targeted manner


Increase productivity

Increase system availability - and thus increase your productivity

A case full of features

Complete kit for implementing five use cases

The scope of delivery includes all components required for the implementation of the five use cases.

Scope of delivery:

  • 10 XDKs
  • 10 USB chargers
  • 10 micro SD cards
  • 10 GCC30 Beacons
  • 5 4DI Extensions
  • 3 LEM Extensions
  • 1 measuring adapter
  • 5 PT100/100 Boards

Firmware for connection to well-known cloud solutions

For the connection to established cloud solutions on the market, different firmware versions are available, which are already installed for you.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS Cloud
  • Bosch IoT Suite
  • Bosch Nexeed Production Performance Manager

Harmonized software and hardware components

Smooth commissioning and use is guaranteed by the provision of proven, coordinated hardware and software components. The XDKs are preconfigured and supplied with preinstalled firmware.

Holistic approach - highest flexibility

The kit offers solutions for all common problems in production - regardless of industry or plant age.

Independent retrofit solution

As an additional, independent system, the kit's solutions do not interfere with existing monitoring or control systems. This eliminates the risk of downtime during installation and commissioning.

A look inside: these components are waiting for you

Components of the industry 4.0 starter kit from Bosch

10 XDKs: The Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK) is an universal sensor device. In addition to eight sensors (temperature, air pressure, humidity, acceleration, rotation rate, magnetic field, noise and brightness), the XDK contains connectivity WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy) and a rechargeable battery.

10 USB Chargers: Power supply unit for permanent power supply of the XDK and for charging the internal battery (230V Euro plug and USB socket).

10 Micro SD Cards: Allows an easy configuration of the XDK. Via the SD card, the configuration and the certificates are transferred to the internal memory of the XDK.

10 GCC30 Beacons: Small robust Bluetooth low energy beacons with exchangeable battery (battery life approx. 3 years).

Components of the industry 4.0 starter kit from Bosch

5 4DI Extensions: Extension board for direct connection of digital status or fault signals (up to 24V) to the XDK.

3 LEM Extensions: Extension board to connect "Split Core" current transformers, for non-invasive current measurement.

1 Measuring adapter: The individual conductors are accessible via the intermediate plug (Schuko) and thus enable safe current measurement via spilt core.

5 PT100/1000 Boards: Extension board for connecting external PT100 or PT1000 temperature sensors. External sensors can be used to measure temperatures e.g. of surfaces or in media and pipes.      

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