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Connected Industrial Sensor Solution | CISS

Speed up your path to efficient Industry 4.0 solutions with the CISS.

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Industry 4.0 made easy - with a sensor device that makes your work more comfortable

Increase your Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) by monitoring your machines, processes and environmental conditions.

The Connected Industrial Sensor Solution (CISS) is a small and robust multi-sensor device for harsh industrial environments. It is best used for machine condition monitoring and is perfectly suited for Industry 4.0 applications. The Connected Industrial Sensor Solution monitors machines, machine modules, and plants in operation. Both temporary and permanent condition monitoring are possible with CISS and will indicate when conditions deviate from the target conditions.

In addition, the Connected Industrial Sensor Solution provides early detection and localization of potential issues or areas that are not performing to their fullest potential. The data collected enables further development of predictive and remote maintenance. This increases efficiency by reducing unplanned downtimes, disproportionately high reject production as well as time spent on problem analysis, maintenance and repair.

CISS is an innovative sensor device that will bring your industry into the IoT marketplace.

Your potential use cases

Manufacturers have to deal with up to 800 hours of downtime annually. We are about to drasticly reduce these numbers.

Condition Monitoring

The CISS works well as a condition monitoring device and can address a wide range of applications and machines. Due to its compact and robust housing, the CISS even allows you to introduce IoT applications into rough industrial environments. Using the Bosch CISS for condition monitoring will increase efficiency, safety, and save you money.

Digital Twin

The CISS delivers crucial data for digital twin applications. This is the basis for improvement of the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

If there are any issues, you can immediately start the problem solving process on the digital twin. This gives you the opportunity to react or act faster during the maintenance of your real product.

Machine Doctor

Sometimes all you need is a quick fix or checkup, and the CISS has you covered. In addition to long-term machine maintenance, the CISS can easily help you measure relevant parameters in your plant (e.g. vibration or temperature). All you need to do to check up on a particular machine would be to: mount the device, measure and interpret the sensor data, and then receive an impression of the inner workings of your machine. From the sensor information you can determine what issues your machine may be facing and can solve them.

Predictive Maintenance

Machine downtime leads to heavy losses. The CISS helps you to save time and costs. Equip new machines or retrofit existing ones and make them ready for I4.0.

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Your benefits at a glance

The Connected Industrial Sensor Solution can be integrated as initial equipment in new machines, machine modules, plants and also as a retrofit sensor solution to upgrade existing equipment and make it ready for Industry 4.0.

Multiple sensor solution

The Connected Industrial Sensor Solution is easy to use. As a multi-sensor device It is suitable for various machines and applications and allows several problems to be analyzed simultaneously.

Increased efficiency

The immediate recognition of deviations and the ability to react instantly avoids consequential damage, unnecessary downtimes and spoilage production thus significantly increases efficiency.

High protection class

The Connected Industrial Sensor Solution is designed especially for using the application in rough environments. Protection class IP54 makes it a reliable partner for industrial sectors, processes and applications.

Broad temperature range

An operating temperature range from -20 °C to 80 °C makes the CISS the perfect solution for a huge variety of industrial use cases.

Tough and flexible

Connected Industrial Sensor Solution is a robust multi-sensor device based on MEMS technology. CISS allows you to activate or deactivate sensors flexibly and to configure the sampling rates according to your specific needs. Additionally, CISS offers various operating modes like a data streaming mode, an event detection mode and a time aggregation mode. This flexibility allows the CISS to be applied to a wide variety of use cases.

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