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FAQ about the Connected Industrial Sensor Solution

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General FAQ

What is the Connected Industrial Sensor Solution (CISS)?

The CISS is a multi-sensor device detecting acceleration, vibration, and magnetic field as well as environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure, light, noise). The robust housing and the small outline makes it perfectly suitable for industrial initial equipment and retrofit applications such as Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance. Configuring the device enables the customer to address a broad variety of use cases by interpreting the sensor data by smart algorithms.

What precisely is that device for?

Condition Monitoring

  • Short term – “machine doctor”
  • Permanent – Predictive Maintenance

In machines / machine modules / factories

  • New – initial equipment
  • Existing – retrofitting

What are the key benefits of the CISS?

  • Enables IoT Applications in rough environments with a compact and robust multi-sensor device
  • Initial equipment and retrofitting possible
  • Supplies data by data-logger / data-streamer
  • Can be configured to project requirements (active sensors, sampling rate, event mode (min. / max. values))
  • Offers valuable additional information to machine data
  • Possibility to connect to machines without intervening to the machine control
  • Integrates to a range of hardware agnostic gateways & clouds
  • CE and FCC certified (more on demand)

What is the use for the customer?

Due to its motion and environmental sensing abilities the CISS is ideally suited for I4.0 applications, like Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance.

Condition Monitoring

  • Enables safety
    • Machine protection
    • Predictive Maintenance

  • Increases efficiency
    • Less downtimes
    • Less spoilage production
    • Less time / costs for analysing / maintenance / repairing
    • Automatic production documentation

What makes the CISS a special sensor solution?

  • Robust housing
  • Small outline
  • Multi sensor device - possibility to measure different data (temperatures, accelerations, humidity, light, noise, tilt, magnetic fields, pressure) with one device
  • Perfectly suitable for industrial initial equipment and retrofit applications

What is the difference between XDK* and CISS?

  • XDK – perfectly to do 1000 different things
    • designed as a development kit for IoT solutions
    • designed for a lab environment
    • freely programmable

  • CISS – perfectly to do the same things for 1000 (and more) times
    • designed to be used on production sites
    • designed to be used in a harsh industrial environment
    • already flashed with a software – ready for use

*Click here for more information about the Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK)

Do I need any additional components and where do I get them?

Scope of delivery CISS (Art No. 0273 600 044)

  • Packaging
    • Quick start guide
    • CISS device
    • Cable (2 m)
    • Fastening set (screws, washers, magnets)

Ready for download

Additionally needed

  • A USB power supply (e.g. computer)
  • A computer (e.g. PC, machine computer – Macintosh Computers are not tested)
  • Depending on the use case: Gateway

What about the user interface?

Computer application for parameterizing, configuring and provision of data (to visualize them). The CISS and a computer communicate via USB or via BLE.

What is the CISS sensing?

  • Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Humidity
  • Magnetic field
  • Tilt
  • Pressure
  • Noise
  • Light

CISS sensing

Is it possible to use a Macintosh Computer to show the data of the CISS?

• CISS is not tested with Macintosh Computers

• CISS is tested with Windows and Linux Computers (standard in industrial environment)

Technical FAQ

Which dimensions does the CISS have?

CISS dimensions

Dimensions: L 53.2 mm x W 80.0 mm x H 21.3 mm

The size was chosen as a size that has a small form factor and at the same time still a size that allows an easy and user-friendly mounting also in difficult to access environment.

What is the enclosure protection class?

Device + cable = IP54 (CISS managed the challenge to combine a high protection class with measuring humidity at the same time).

If membrane is eliminated / damaged, will CISS be still functional?

An eliminated / damaged membrane does not prevent the functionality, but CISS will then not be moisture / dust resistant anymore.

How to install the CISS?

  • Mounting the device on the machine (screws and magnets / only screws)
  • Configuring CISS via a computer
  • Start the condition monitoring
  • For more information, see CISS Operating Instructions available via Media and Downloads:

Go to Media and Downloads

How does the CISS communicate?

  • The CISS communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). In an ideal surrounding this is possible within a distance of 10 meters (no metallic screening).
  • Furthermore, the CISS allows BLE communication for customer made applications. See BLE communication protocol available in Media & Downloads
  • The CISS communicates via the USB cable (2 m length) with a computer / gateway. See USB communication protocol available in Media & Downloads

Is it possible to stream all sensor data either via BLE or via USB?

The microphone data can only be streamed via BLE

How high is the sampling rate / measuring cycle?

Sampling rate (USB)

  • Inertial sensors ≤ 100 Hz
    • Accelerometer*
    • Gyroscope
    • Magnetometer

  • Environmental sensors ≤ 1 Hz
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Air pressure
    • Light meter
    • Microphone

  • BLE sampling rate depends on transmission performance
  • The sampling rate is configurable.

* Special mode Accelerometer: 2 kHz streaming (all other sensors are automatically deactivated)

How can CISS be adjusted that it measures each X seconds / minutes / hours?

CISS can be configured within the given sampling rates (1 Hz = 1 sample / second)

  • Inertial sensors ≤ 100 Hz

Special mode Accelerometer: 2 kHz

  • Environmental sensors ≤ 1 Hz

Depending on the needs, the sampling rate can be customized on request

What are the operating conditions?

  • Operating temperature range: -20° C - 85 °C
  • Humidity range: 10 - 90 %rH (non-condensing)
  • Pressure range: 300 - 1100 hPa
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Supply voltage: 5V DC

What about the measurement ranges and the accuracies of the measured data?

See CISS Datasheet or CISS Operating Instructions availalbe in Media and Downloads

What happens to the other sensor settings, if an accelerometer sampling rate of 2 kHz is chosen?

The maximum sampling rate of the accelerometer is 2 kHz. If the sampling rate of 2 KHz is chosen, all other sensors are automatically deactivated.

Is there a message to the customer, that all sensors are deactivated, as soon as the accelerometer is running on the special mode (2kHz)?

No, there is no message showing up.

What happens, if the accelerometer sampling rate is > 100 Hz and < 2 kHz?

If a sampling rate > 100 Hz and < 2kHz is chosen and the other sensors are active, there might be a loss of data.

As specified the working temperature range is -20° - 85° C. Is it only valid for the humidity sensor or for all functionality of CISS?

  • This is valid for the CISS product, including all functionalities.
  • More information regarding each sensor, you can find in the CISS Operating Instructions, available in Media and Downloads.

Is it possible to measure inclination of the platform where the sensor is placed on?

Yes, it is.

Who gives the timestamp?

The host system, not the CISS device (no real time system)

Does the use of the magnetic mounting influence the measurements of the magnetometer?

Yes, it does. Please do not use the magnetic mounting, if you want to use the magnetometer.

Is it possible to put an upper and a lower threshold at the same time?

  • No, only one threshold is possible.
  • The user gets an information as soon as the threshold is violated.
  • The user gets an information if there is an overshoot or undershoot of the threshold.

How big is the memory capacity of the CISS?

The memory capacity is 2 MB.

Is there any information about approximately corrosion resistant range (e.g. is it possible to use it in salty water theoretically)?

The CISS housing was tested with the following chemical agents:

  • Salty water
  • Interior cleaner
  • Refreshment containing caffeine and sugar
  • Glass cleaner
  • Denatured alcohol

Is it possible to view the data of several CISS devices on the computer at the same time?

It is possible – you have to open several terminals.

Where do I get the „Virtual CISS“ Demo App?

What are the key benefits of the mobile demo App “Virtual CISS”?

  • The App is a tool for a quick and simple start.
  • The App allows configuration and simplified data visualization of the streamed data.
  • Intuitive operation and an easy usage

Does the App support streaming, logging, the event mode and the time aggregation mode?

  • No, the App only allows streaming.

Is it possible to save data in the App and export them?

  • No, it is not.

Does the App save the settings?

  • No, it doesn’t

How is the procedure for firmware updates?

Sales FAQ

Who are the target customers?

  • System integrators (IT-companies, IoT agencies)
  • Machine builders (drilling, grinding, rotating, …)
  • Distributors (industrial / automation products)

Potential Use Cases?

The CISS multi-sensor is made for Condition Monitoring in harsh environments in order to

  • Generate a digital twin
  • Allow Remote Maintenance
  • Enable Predictive Maintenance

What is the MOQ for distributors (standard product)?

10 pieces / order

What is the MOQ for direct sales (standard product)?

No MOQ during ramp up phase

What is the MOQ for a special firmware version?

There is no general answer possible. It depends on the effort that is necessary to realize the individual wishes.

What is the MOQ for a special version like: without the mounting set, …?

100 pieces/year

Where do I get the Python example script for the first steps?

The script and corresponding instructions are available in Media and Downloads.

Where do I get the communication protocols for BLE / USB?

Does BCDS offer an integration service for the CISS to its environment?

BCDS offers the sensor solution. The system integration needs to be solved by the customer / a system integrator.

Does CISS have any certifications?

  • CISS is certified for Europe, the US, AUS, SGN, CN, JP
  • Certifications for KR is in progress
  • Additional certifications will be applied on request (contact: support@bosch-connectivity.com)

How to buy CISS?

BCDS contact person for CISS sales:

Ralf Pfisterer

Will I get support after buying?

Email us

Do you have any questions or would you like to order CISS?