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Predictive machine maintenance through vibration condition monitoring

Intelligent Vibration Analysis Sensor | IVAS

One sensor device for all conditions

The Intelligent Vibration Analysis Sensor (IVAS) is a compact and robust sensor device equipped with two MEMS acceleration sensors – for high bandwidth and high-resolution vibration measurements. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly into existing communication infrastructure and offers the possibility to implement use case specific algorithms on the sensor device.

The Intelligent Vibration Analysis Sensor (IVAS) enables predictive maintenance throug machine vibration-based condition monitoring which contributes to significant cost reductions.

By analyzing the frequency spectrum of structure born sound up to 20 kHz created by machines and other moving parts e.g. in pumps, motors, linear drives or ventilation systems, it is possible to assess the wear of bearings and many other machine components. This effectively allows for identifying early machine warning signs and the prevention of unplanned standstills.

For process monitoring, the Intelligent Vibration Analysis Sensor enables an integrated continuous quality control and gives the information that is necessary, to set the optimal process parameters.

Thus, it enables your factory to increase efficiency, machine usage and quality.

Your potential use cases

  1. Process and Condition Monitoring: improve the quality of goods, reduce process parameter variation, detect early process deviations.
  2. Predictive Maintenance: monitor health status of equipment and tools like motors, pumps, drives, linear sledges and more. Condition-based predictive maintenance by means of structure born sound analysis.
  3. Wear Detection: reduction of downtimes by spare part planning. Increase machine uptime and OEE with IVAS.
  4. Tele-maintenance: monitoring of remote production equipment and tools. IVAS is a sensor based cyber-physical system enabling tele-maintenance.

Your benefits at a glance

Increased efficiency

The immediate recognition of deviations and the ability to react instantly avoids consequential machine damage, unnecessary downtimes and spoilage to production, thus significantly increasing efficiency.

Cost reductions

With a prematurely warning, unplanned standstills and especially secondary damages will be prevented. This contributes to significant cost reductions.

Easy mounting

The robust and compact stainless steel housing can be easily mounted with a screw.

Features that make the difference

High protection class: IP67

The Intelligent Vibration Analysis Sensor was designed specifically to be used in rough industrial environments. The compact housing and protection class IP67 makes IVAS a reliable partner for several industrial sectors, processes and applications.

High bandwidth and high-resolution vibration measurements

The Intelligent Vibration Analysis Sensor is equipped with a high bandwidth and a high sensitivity accelerometer as well as a very accurate temperature sensor. As a real specialist for vibration monitoring, it is the perfect tool to predict wear of machine parts and tools.

Digital interfaces for integration into existing systems

No further data acquisition equipment is necessary

Evaluation of vibration measurements via tablet
A smart factory with industry computer screens
Two persons in a factory monitoring a machine on an industry computer

Technical Data

36 x 36 x 34,1 mm³ + connector
Protection Class
IP 67
Power Supply
Ethernet: Power over Ethernet (acc. IEEE802.3)
CAN: 24V DC (board net supply)
High Bandwidth Accelerometer

  • Bandwidth: 20 kHz
  • 1 axis
  • Sensitivity: 200mg
  • Sampling rate: 62,5 kHz
  • Range: +/-96g

High Sensitivity Accelerometer

  • Bandwidth: 3 kHz
  • 3 axis
  • Sensitivity: < 1mg
  • Sampling rate: 6.4 kHz
  • Range: +/-2,4,8,16g

Ethernet: Communication data streaming via via MQTT
CAN: Communication UDS-based services with status parameters

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