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The Sense Connect Detect SCD offers a simple and efficient entry into the Internet of Things.

Industry 4.0 out of the box

Sense | Connect | Detect

Stick on sensor and start data evaluation directly

Entering Industry 4.0 has never been so easy

The Sense Connect Detect (SCD) enables companies to get started easily with industry 4.0. As a cost-effective, reliable (IP67) and easy-to-install solution, the sensor device attaches to almost any machine and component. The data acquisition process can start right away and reports wirelessly via Bluetooth low energy. The acquired data is visualized via mobile App that can be operated without prior knowledge.

The wait has come to an end: You want to get an insight into the inner workings of your machine in less than five minutes? We have the right solution for you: Sense Connect Detect.

With built-in sensors for vibration, tilt, shock, temperature, magnetic fields and ambient light intensity, this sensor device provides data that enables you to reduce maintenance costs, maximize machine production, and drive better business decisions.

The sensor data is acquired by a waterproof and dust resistant device and is reported wirelessly via Bluetooth low energy (BLE v4.2).

Sense Connect Detect solution enables wide spread use across many applications thus generating data to accomplish your I4.0 strategy based on machine learning.

The setup is very easy. The compact sensor device can be glued to any surface. All you have to do is to remove the adhesive strip. The installation is already completed when the SCD App is downloaded and connected to the retrofittable sensor via Bluetooth. Now it is time to collect data, save costs and increase efficiency of your factory.

Your potential use cases

  1. Condition Monitoring: detect anomalies in asset condition with up to two years battery life.
  2. Short Term Assessment: log raw sensor data from an asset or machine during a specific time.
  3. Total Operating Hours: the device counts operating hours or working cycles.

Your benefits at a glance


Fast & simple

The device is easy to operate and commissioning and configuration can be performed without tools.

Stick and play

The stick-on sensor solution can be attached anywhere in few seconds.

Invented for life

Industry 4.0 made easy

SCD is ideally suited for gathering initial experience and data.

Features that make the difference

High protection class: IP67

The compact housing and protection class IP67 makes SCD a reliable partner for several industrial sectors, processes and applications.

Wireless Connectivity

The data acquisition reports wirelessly via Bluetooth low energy. The acquired data is visualized via mobile App that can be operated without prior knowledge.

One device, four integrated sensors

Monitoring of conditions with four different parameters in one compact housing including vibration, shock, temperature, magnetic fields and ambient light intensity.

Easy data visualization via mobile app

Get a quick insight into the inner workings of an industrial machine with the SCD app

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Impressions from experience

Two woman viewing sensor data on an iPad in a factory
A smart factory with industry computer screens and machinery
Two people viewing an industry 4.0 computer in a factory
Person klebt das Sensorgerät SCD an eine Maschine an
Fast data evaluation of industrial machines with simple sensor solution from Bosch

Our exclusive Sense Connect Detect partners and IoT solutions

Sense Connect Detect can be connected via Bosch IoT Suite

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Sense Connect Detect can be connected via Bosch IoT Suite

IoT connectivity via Bosch´s IoT Platform

Sense Connect Detect can be connected via Bosch IoT Suite.

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