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Asset Tracking Sensor "Traci" is mounted on a construction machine and a man evaluates data via a tablet.
Industry 4.0

The robust and wireless asset tracking solution


Always keep an eye on the machine fleet with the asset tracking solution Bosch Traci

Full overview - wherever you are

With Traci you always have your assets in view. The search for parts, vehicles or machines is now a thing of the past. You save time and costs and can deploy employees in a targeted manner. You not only know where parts are, but also what their condition is.

Make use of a wireless and secure sensor solution equipped with four built-in sensors, as well as LoRa and BLE connectivity. This allows to measure crucial data, related to your equipment and to transmit the data wirelessly, over several kilometers to your backend.

The robust housing with IP69K protection class and proven Bosch quality withstands even the most severe impacts and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Traci is the right answer for these areas of application

  1. Asset Tracking: tracking of equipment and goods
  2. Smart Agriculture: position detection of agricultural machinery
  3. Connected Industry: minimize breakdown risks by recording operating conditions
  4. Connected Logistics: make processes transparent and optimize them
  5. Facility Management: reduce losses and detect theft

Asset Tracking Use Cases powered by Traci

Get to know the most important application areas and functionalities of Traci in a short time.



Save your time

Reduce the time spent searching for equipment and goods and increase your efficiency

Increase transparency

Make processes transparent and optimize them

Saving costs

Minimize breakdown risks and reduce downtime and losses by recording operating conditions


Robust housing, designed for harsh environments (IP 69K)

IP69K is a high grade of protection against water and physical impacts and fits perfectly for application in building site-, agricultural- and forestry use cases.

Even if the label is not readable anymore, your Smartphone can be used to read out the ID of Traci. This information can be used to get adhoc onsite information stored in the backend regarding already planned usage or maintenance information.

Connectivity: LoRa and Bluetooth Low Energy

Traci supports Bluetooth as well as LoRa connectivity and can therefore be used as a Gateway between these two protocols. For example, GPS position data from Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons such as the GCC30 BLE tags from Bosch, which are attached to machines or tools, can first be sent to Traci via BLE. From there it is then possible to send this position data via LoRa protocol over distances of up to 40 km.

Long battery lifetime

The high battery capacity of 8,100 mAh enables the execution of 18000 GPS fixes in combination with additional 24,000 LoRa messages and thus, depending on use, a battery life of up to 5 years.

Accident, maintenance, geofence and temperature alert (backend)

In the backend, significant physical impacts, maintenance work and temperatures can be documented. Alarm messages can be sent on demand.

In case of a geofence violation, this event can be used to trigger a theft alarm. It is also possible to shorten the intervals between GPS fixes to obtain more detailed tracking information.

Operating hour counter

Operating hours counter & automated invoicing:

The operating hours of each asset equipped with a Traci tag can be monitored. If movements above the acceleration threshold (configurable via LoRa downlink) are detected, Traci is put into movement mode and the operating hours are recorded. This makes it possible to know when the assets need to be serviced and repaired again. In addition, the user can configure an operating hours threshold value and an alarm in the backend. He is then alerted when this threshold value is exceeded and maintenance should be carried out.

The operating hours data in combination with GPS data allow for automated accounting, as it is traceable how long which machines were in operation on which construction site. Many common backends can be configured to automatically send invoices or invoice operating hours.

How the Traci system solution works

Always know where the construction machine is with a sensor solution

The asset tracing solution from Bosch is a system for linking the sensory data and recording the position of goods without an external power supply in a rough environment.

Nowadays, high-value machinery typically sends its data to a cloud via a mobile connection (GSM™ network).

In the Traci sensor network, the data from the various sensors is first collected by a gateway. The gateway then sends this data to a cloud via a mobile connection. For this purpose, gateways of public network providers or individual private gateways could be used.

Save costs and time in civil engineering with Asset Tracking solution from Bosch

The data exchange between the sensors and one or more gateways is based on near-range radio standards such as Bluetooth® (range of a few meters) and long-range radio standards such as LoRa® (range of several kilometers).

All of the sensor data from the network is aggregated in the cloud and, if necessary, the data can be forwarded to the customer's own clouds and IT systems.

IoT connectivity via Bosch´s IoT Platform

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Traci can be connected via Bosch IoT Suite

Make use of the open-source-based Bosch software platform for IoT solutions.

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