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Industry 4.0 out of the box

Please note: this is a sneak preview for our new sensor solution. The official naming and product launch will be announced soon.

Stay tuned!

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How many hours is this specific equipment in operation? Where is a specific lot with work in progress currently located in the factory and can it be uniquely identified with its production history? Did goods or assets experience any improper handling during process or transportation?

With built-in sensors for vibration, tilt, shock, temperature, magnetic fields and ambient light intensity, this sensor device provides the right answers to these questions.

The sensor data is acquired by a water proof and dust resistant device and gets reported wirelessly via bluetooth low energy (BLE v4.2). This "Newcomer" enables wide spread use across many applications thus generating data to accomplish your I4.0 strategy based on machine learning.

Your potential use cases

Condition Monitoring

Detect anomalies in asset condition with 3-5 years battery life.

Short Term Assessment

Log sensor raw data from an asset during a specific time.

Indoor Localization

Device operates as a BLE4.2 beacon in a given infra-structure for indoor localization. Use the chance to detect objects or people inside a building.

Digital Nameplate

The sensor device is able to identify serial numbers and other unique product related information.

Hours of Operation

The device counts operating hours or working cycles.

Your benefits at a glance

Mountable everywhere

This stick-on sensor solution can be attached anywhere in a few seconds.

Fast & simple

The device is easy to operate and commissioning can be carried out without technical know-how.

High protection class

The compact housing and protection class IP67 makes our Newcomer a reliable partner for several industrial sectors, processes and applications.

Best price-performance ratio

Start with a low initial invest, proof your concept and scale the use case.

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