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Telematics eCall Plug

The little device that saves lives

"I was travelling alone that day. Suddenly another car ignored my right of way. There was a hard collision. The airbags deployed, fog filled the air, and I couldn’t see anything; I was in shock. However, my phone immediately began to ring because the Telematics eCall Plug had detected the collision. The call center asked me right away if help was needed and if someone was injured. Fortunately for me, the call center then notified the police of my exact location, because in that moment I wasn’t able to describe exactly where I was."

Benjamin Cohrs | Satisfied Telematics eCall Plug user

A life saving experience

Did you know that...


lives can be saved in Europe per year by utilizing eCall systems?

A silent companion for more safety

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The Telematics eCall Plug accompanies you even when you are alone on the road far away from civilization. The small, intelligent device gives you and your loved ones peace of mind wherever you go.

You can live without fear knowing that your children and elderly parents are protected on the road – all thanks to the little guardian angel. All you need is the retrofittable eCall plug and a smartphone to run the easy-to-use eCall app. We make the traffic safer by means of this intelligent retrofit sensor solution – for every car and for all drivers.

Fast help in case of an emergency

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The cost-effective plug can be easily retrofitted in any car. Just put the device in your car’s cigarette lighter and connect it with your app via Bluetooth to be protected while you drive.

In the event of a crash, intelligent algorithms and acceleration sensors calculate the collision severity on a scale of 1 to 4. The easy-to-use app routes the event automatically to an emergency call center and sends the location of accident via GPS. The emergency call center will then organize fast and professional help and an ambulance if needed.

Because every second counts in case of an emergency.

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Small plug – massive help

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Personal guardian angel

The retrofittable eCall plug can save the life of you and your loved ones.

Fast help

You will get fast and professional help from the Service Center in the event of a crash or breakdown.

Simple setup

The Telematics eCall Plug can be easily retrofitted in any car.

High security

The system is extremely secure and cannot be manipulated or accessed by third parties.

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Make your next drive safer and order your personal guardian angel.

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